Believe it or not, fried chicken has been a Christmas tradition in Japan since the 1970’s and some of Executive Chef Naoki Nakashima’s earliest memories center around this special, holiday food. Naoki Fried Chicken started out as a holiday special on last year’s Naoki Sushi menu, when Chef Naoki thought he’d share one of his favorite childhood dishes with guests. 

Naoki Fried Chicken

Today, this signature fried chicken is worthy of it’s very own restaurant. Introducing Naoki Fried Chicken, a brand new delivery and carryout only restaurant serving up Chef Naoki’s signature fried chicken paired with comfort food sides made fresh with Japanese ingredients.

Check out the the full Naoki Fried Chicken menu here.

What makes this menu special goes beyond the just overall deliciousness of the fried chicken itself. Chef Naoki also incorporates traditional Japanese ingredients into ever aspect of the menu.  Let’s start with the fried chicken:

Naoki’s “Secret” Fried Chicken

Naoki Fried Chicken

While we can’t give away all of our secrets, it’s no surprise that great fried chicken starts with… you guessed it, great chicken.  Chef Naoki sources the chicken from Miller Farms, located in Indiana. The whole chickens are brined in a special blend of ingredients including soy, garlic and ginger.  The chicken is then double fried for extra crunch, flavor and the ultimate juiciness.

Pro tip: Dip your fried chicken in Tobanjan, a spicy chili bean sauce with a deep and salty flavor.

While Naoki’s Fried Chicken is still available in the dining room at Naoki Sushi, these Japanese-inspired comfort food sides are available exclusively for delivery and carryout only with Naoki Fried Chicken. A few of our favorites:

Yuzu Cole Slaw

Yuzu Coleslaw from Naoki Fried Chicken

Made with a fresh yuzu vinaigrette, Chef’s riff on traditional coleslaw is made with this exotic Japanese fruit and offers a zesty and acidic flavor. Yuzu is also rich in essential oils, resulting in a fragrant smell and taste.

Charred Corn with Miso Butter

Miso Butter Corn from Naoki Fried Chicken

Miso, the traditional Japanese seasoning paste made from fermented soybeans, adds a new level of umami to this classic side dish.  What’s Umami, you ask? Known as the fifth taste after sweet, bitter, salty and sour, it roughly translates to “yummy deliciousness” and though difficult to put your finger on what exactly it is, it’s best described as savory. 

Panko Crusted Mac and Cheese

Panko Mac and Cheese from Naoki Fried Chicken

Chef Naoki’s creamy, rich mac and cheese is topped with panko to add a layer of crunch. Panko is a traditional Japanese bread crumb which tends to be crispier than regular bread crumbs and is generally used to coat seasonal vegetables. 

A selection of signature sushi rolls and Temaki like Spicy shrimp and salmon and the Hamachi, scallion and cucumber are also available for delivery and carryout at Naoki Fried Chicken. Add in signature drinks like Oi Ochoa green tea, ginger beer and Asahi lager beer and there you have it; the perfect “home cooked meal!” 

Naoki S Ushi Maki roll


Order up your new fave fried chicken right to your couch! Naoki Fried Chicken is now available for delivery through GrubHub, click here to order. You can also call Naoki Sushi to place a carryout order  at 773-868-0002.  Order Naoki Fried Chicken Monday through Thursday from 5:30 PM – 9:00 PM, Sunday from 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM, and Friday and Saturday from 5:30 PM – 10:00 PM. Naoki Sushi is located at 2300 N. Lincoln Park West.

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