The wait is over – Sushi-san is officially open! From the team behind Ramen-san, it’s the latest in the Lettuce family and is definitely not your typical sushi joint. Sushi-san serves up fresh beats (a la ‘90s hip hop) with fresher fish in the form of crispy hand rolls, explosive nigiri bombs, pristine sashimi sets and more. Also on the menu: charcoal-roasted meats and vegetables, crunchy tempura and late-night yakisoba paired with the coldest Japanese beer in Chicago.

Sushi chef rolling a hand roll at sushi-san's hand roll bar

But let’s go back to those crispy hand rolls…

Also known as temaki-zushi, hand rolls are seasoned sushi rice, fish and vegetables wrapped up in crispy nori (seaweed). For the freshest sushi experience possible, it’s best to eat hand rolls as soon as they’re made since the nori begins to lose its crispness the moment the warm rice touches it.

sushi san chef cutting pristine fish

Sushi-san’s solution to achieving that perfect bite every time?

The “Let’s Roll” Menu – a unique and interactive experience that’s available only at the Hand Roll Bar – gives guests a choice of 3, 4 or 5 different rotating rolls ($18-27 per person). This is the best way to experience Sushi-san since it puts you within arms reach of master sushi chef Kaze Chan. Watch him in action and enjoy those rolls mere seconds after they’re made. Talk about fresh!

sushi chef cutting fish in black and white

The ingredient combos highlight the season’s best. Think: fatty tuna with fried garlic and pickled onions, for starters. Read on to see the various combos Sushi-san is currently serving up.

couple enjoying sushi san

Crunchy Fatty Tuna
This is the OG hand roll. Fatty tuna is mixed with fried garlic, pickled onion, negi (a type of Japanese green onion), tobanjan and tempura crunch, all sitting atop warm sushi rice and wrapped up in toasted nori, of course.

Negi Hamachi
Zesty and bright, this roll combines “undressed” hamachi with tart yuzu juice, green kosho chile pepper paste, negi and Serrano pepper.

Salmon Avocado
Just as the name implies, this is chopped raw salmon and avocado, wasabi tobiko and yuzu mayo.

Umami Scallop
Quickly becoming a fan favorite, this roll is slightly different since it’s served warm. Nori cloaks butter-roasted scallops tossed with tobanjan mayo and masago, sushi rice and tempura crunch. We dare you to have only one.

Toro Oshinko
A harmonious roll. The richness of fatty tuna is balanced with pickled Japanese vegetables like daikon and burdock root.

chef making his own sushi handroll at the bar

Hungry yet? Snag a reservation here for the main room or post up at the Hand Roll Bar (first come, first served).

Located at 63 W. Grand Ave. in River North, Sushi-san is open for dinner, late-night eating, and drinking. Be sure to check out for more and follow along on Instagram at @therealsushisan.

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