Meet Jason Hollembeak, Creative Director at Lettuce Entertain You. He’s the creative genius behind all things visual from our restaurant menu layouts and logos to the festival design of Windy City Smokeout. Since joining the company 18 years ago, he’s not only been a part of creating the branding for more than 75 restaurant openings, but has also built an inspiring team of creatives.

Illustration of Jason Hollembeak eating fried chicken

Jason has built an incredible life with Lettuce: It’s where he met his wife Eileen,  grown as a designer and a leader, plus it’s brought lifelong friendships and a lot of good meals. Jason credits his team for their hard work, creativity and keeping him sane. But it’s Jason’s colleagues who are grateful for the opportunity to learn from him.

Watch Jason’s journey:

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Meet Alex Payne, an expert illustrator and member of Jason’s creative team who takes drawing on menus to a whole new level. 

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