A New Year’s resolution that we are making is to incorporate more veggies into our diet, but it’s hard not to reach for comfort food when the temperature begins to drop. Our solution? Swap out your comfort food cravings with some vegetarian alternatives. Here’s your guide to some of our favorite vegetarian comfort foods at select Lettuce Entertain You restaurants.

Craving a burger?

Veggie burger on a plate with sweet potato fries

Try Stripburger‘s Housemade Veggie Burger which has ruled the vegetarian burger scene in Las Vegas.

Beatrix Mushroom and Quinoa Burger served with French Fries on a plate

Or give Beatrix‘s Mushroom & Quinoa Burger a try. This ancient grain and savory mushroom combination will keep you full until your next meal.

Veggie burger with avocado and chips on a plate

Ann’s Veggie Burger at L. Woods could also be a contender for your favorite vegetarian comfort food.


M Burger's Impossible Burger with cheese on top of an M Burger napkin


M Burger’s Impossible Burger sizzles, smells and tastes just like a real burger, but is 100% plant based.  Enjoy it “Old Fashioned” with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles and sauce.

Summer House Santa Monica is also serving up the Impossible Burger at lunch time served ‘Cali style’ with lettuce, local tomato, pickle, American cheese & special sauce.

Craving shrimp and grits?

Cauliflower Grits at Beatrix
Cauliflower Grits at Beatrix

Try the Cauliflower Grits & Eggs at Beatrix for a take on this southern classic. And you’ll even double up on vegetables with the crispy brussels sprouts on top.

Craving chicken parmesan?

Large plate of Cauliflower Parmesan with a fork.
Try the crispy Cauliflower Parmesan at il Porcellino instead, or enjoy the Eggplant Parmesan.

Craving a steak?

Roasted Cauliflower Steak with shaved fennel


Try Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab‘s Roasted Cauliflower Steak with mint chimichurri and a pink lady apple garnish.


Summer House Cauliflower Steak with French Fries


Summer House Santa Monica’s Center-Cut Cauliflower Steak – ​lemon butter,  french fries.

Eiffel tower vegetarian and quinoa wellington

Not your average steak, Eiffel Tower Restaurant in Las Vegas is serving a classic Wellington, veggie-style. Try the new Vegetarian Wellington made with Crimini mushrooms, red quinoa, sauteed onion and red pepper, a layer of spinach, Piquillo peppers and roasted vegetables all wrapped in puff pastry and baked until it’s gold brown and served with tomato coulis and fresh basil.

Craving curry?

Tofu Curry Bowl from Big Bowl with white rice and veggies

Try Big Bowl‘s Thai Green Vegetable Curry with Tofu. The dish includes seasonal vegetables, baby bok choy, green beans, red peppers and Thai green curry sauce.

Craving pasta?

Hearty Mushroom Pasta with a mushroom sauce

Try Osteria Via Stato‘s Ricotta Cavatelli and load up on the veggies with an abundance of wild Mushrooms

overhead shot of risotto with mushrooms

Beatrix’sWild Mushroom Risotto with baby kale, crispy herbs, roasted garlic, truffle oil

Craving ramen?

Shitake Ramen bowl with tofu at Ramen san

Wander over to Ramen-san for their Shiitake Ramen with mushroom broth, tofu, fried shiitakes. 

Craving sushi?

Sweet potato sushi roll from Tokio Pub

Try Tokio Asian Fusion‘s Sweet Potato Maki Roll. While your friends are ordering rolls filled with fish, you can rest easy knowing your maki has sweet potato, black rice, cilantro-lime, and a delicious eel sauce. And no worries – eel sauce is totally vegetarian as it’s a sweet combination of soy sauce, sugar, and mirin.

How about some good ol’ fashion hush puppies?

Hush Puppies from Oyster Bah with a side of aioli sauce

Quality Crab & Oyster Bah’s Corn and Jalapeno Hush Puppies folded into a cornmeal batter & fried crisp served with jalapeño aioli and garnished with parsley.

How about Taco’s?

Two hardshell tacos with Impossible Burger meat
Tallboy Taco’s Impossible Taco

Tallboy Taco is is serving up a 100% green, 100% delicious Southwest Impossible Taco, made with the Impossible™ Burger meat. The vegan taco is served in a homemade hard shell and topped with shredded lettuce, pico de gallo and salsa arbor, each order comes with two tacos and is available for $12.