Grab a seat at the bar because Aba’s Lead Mixologist Liz Pearce is mixing up some new cocktails to get you through the second half of winter. From Hot Buttered Pineapple Rum to a boozy Pure Michigan Hot Cider, here are a few of Liz’s favorite drinks that you’ve gotta try!

New cocktailst at Aba

Using one of the most common Mediterannean kitchen ingredients to riff on a classic martini, Liz created the EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) martini as an answer to those who may like the idea of a dirty martini, but aren’t that into olive brine.

EVOO martini with hank’s corn vodka, brovo rose vermouth, sea salt, olive oil.

EVOO martini from aba

“The EVOO is a martini for people like me who want something clean, a touch savory, but hate olive brine. The olive oil gives the drink a richness and fruitiness that other martinis lack. We use Arbequina olive oil from California, which adds a peppery flavor too.”

Some like it hot and that’s why a great boozy hot cider is essential. Enter the Pure Michigan Hot Cider.

Pure Michigan Hot Cider with Aviation gin, Michigan tart cherry liqueur, Lustau Palo Cortado sherry, apple cider, cinnamon.

Hot Michigan Cider from Aba

“This cider is fun because we use Palo Cortado sherry, which gives it a raisin and nut kind of background, aviation gin for botanicals, and some tart Michigan cherry liqueur. Fun fact: Tim Allen is my favorite and I love the Pure Michigan commercials so that’s how we named the cocktail.”

Another cocktail made to warm you up is the Hot Buttered Pineapple Rum with Plantation pineapple rum, Chairman’s Reserve, date honey, apricot and butter. 

Hot buttered pineapple rum

“This drink is so rich and decadent it’s like drinking dessert.”