Like it or not, winter is upon us. It’s getting quite chilly, the darkness approaches sooner than we want it to, and holiday merriment is starting to make its arrival. Aside from wrapping yourself in a shaggy blanket and thawing your toes by the fireplace, another way to warm the soul is with some cozy cocktails. We’ve rounded up some of our favorites, from the spicy, to the chocolate-y, and they’re all deliciously perfect for this time of year.

Wine Down

Mon Ami Gabi's Figgy Mulled Wine in a glass with cinnamon sticks sticking out

Figgy Mulled Wine from Mon Ami Gabi Chicago contains port, figs, orange, wine, cherry brandy and spices making it the ultimate wintertime libation. Click here for the recipe.

For the Chocoholics

Osteria via Stato's Chocolacello in a glass with a bowl of fresh cocoa powder behind it

Chocolatecello from Osteria via Stato is made with cocoa powder, milk, vodka and a wee bit of vanilla. Heat up the milk, sugar, and cocoa powder, whisking until it boils. Let it cool down completely before adding the vodka and vanilla. It’s like chocolate milk, except it will get you buzzed.

 Beatrix Hot Chocolate in a mug with a sprinkling of cinnamon on top


Espresso Hot Chocolate from Beatrix is made with milk, chocolate syrup, cinnamon malt powder, espresso and topped with vanilla bean whipped cream. Make it boozy by adding some Baileys!

For the Caffeine Feind

Mon Ami French Connection Coffee with whipped cream and almonds on top

French Connection Coffee from Mon Ami Gabi Reston includes Hennessy, black coffee, chocolate liquor and whipped cream. Perfect way to start, or maybe end, your day. Click here for the recipe.

Spice Up Your Life

Summer House Chai Five with a stick of cinnamon sticking out of the glass

Chai Five from Summer House Santa Monica features housemade chai shrub of vinegar, sugar, ginger, clove and other spices, shaken with organic Willa vodka making it a light and delicious fall cocktail. Click here for the recipe.

Ema Savory Hunter in a glass against a wooden wall

The Savory Hunter from Ema gives some spice to each sip with the flavors of lime, lemon, ginger, harissa and mezcal. Click here for the recipe.

RJ Grunts' hot spiked cider with a cinnamon stick in the glass

Spiked Apple Cider from R.J. Grunts is the ideal cold-weather cocktail. With the spice from the cinnamon stick and the boozy bourbon, it’s perfect for sipping before you hit the Lincoln Park ZooLights! Click here for the recipe.