Three Dots and a Dash’s new cocktail menu is dropping on November 2, and you better believe it’s complete with seasonal ingredients and new recipes from Beverage Director Kevin Beary. These cocktails are seriously full of rich flavors and spices and showcase creative, modern techniques while still holding true to classic tiki culture.

Want to bring the tiki party home? We’ve put together a quick and easy guide to throwing a festive tiki bash, from key spirits and essential juices to elaborate garnishes that will wow your friends.

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First, let’s take a tour of some of Three Dots and a Dash’s new cocktails

Three Dots and a Dash’s Idle Hands, a reconceived banana daiquiri

Idle Hands Do the Devils Work
Clarified Banana Rum, Cane Sugar, Lime 2.0
Kevin’s dabbling in modern bar techniques, like changing the molecular structure of spirits and citrus, has resulted in a crystal clear banana daiquiri that pleasantly shocks the taste buds. It includes clarified banana rum and a lime alternative – eliminating the cloudiness of the lime juice through the Justino method.

Three Dots' tiki drink in a barrel glass
Anything but basic, the Basic Batida is perfect for fall

Basic Batida
Pumpkin Overproof Rum, Brazilian Cachaça, Dulce de Leche, Coffee Armagnac, Boston Bual Madeira
It’s fall, and there’s pumpkin everywhere, but this cocktail is anything but basic with Pumpkin rum, dulce de leche and Armagnac soaked in coffee beans.

Tiki drink in a tall glass with pineapple leaves
Get swizzled with the new Absinthe Swizzle

Absinthe Swizzle
Absinthe, Green Chartreuse, Coconut-washed Martinique Rhum Agricole, Pineapple, Lime
Using a traditional tree twig swizzle stick to incorporate the ingredients of this cocktail, Kevin washes a grassy rhum agricole from Martinique with a touch of coconut and finishes it with fresh pressed pineapple and lime juices.

tiki drinks overhead with umbrellas and mint and nuts

Let’s Party: Tiki 101
What You Need to Know to Bring a Tiki Party to Life

Now that we’ve given you a few (new) reasons to come party in our tiki bar, here’s how to throw one in your own home. Check out Kevin Beary’s perfected falernum recipe to up your tiki game, or reach into the Three Dots archive and recreate its Wiki Wiki cocktail.

It’s a Rummy World (Sometimes)

Know Your Rum: Rum is an incredibly diverse spirit, which can be derived from fermented cane juice, cane syrup or molasses and distilled in a variety of methods. The majority of rums are aged in American white oak barrels used for bourbon, although some producers use former sherry, port and cognac casks. The combination of these factors in producing rum lends nearly endless variety of flavor color and aroma.
Alternative Spirits: We all have one – a friend that just does not like rum. Modern iterations of tiki cocktails branch away from it, incorporating everything from gin and tequila to bourbon!
Stock Your Home Bar With: Appleton Estate 12-year, Rhum JM Paille 100 and an overproof gin such as Plymouth Navy Strength.

Kevin Beary, Three Dots and a Dash Beverage Director drinking tequila from the bottle
Kevin Beary, Three Dots and a Dash Beverage Director

The Juicy Details: Fresh juice is key. Opt for fruits of the tropics such as pineapple, orange, mango, coconut, passion fruit, kiwi – and always have limes and lemons handy. Investing time in juicing fresh fruits will transform your cocktail from meek to magical. Or cheat a little and grab a couple cold-pressed juices from the store! It matters, we promise.

Garnishes being created from a pineapple
Garnish game at Three Dots and a Dash

All Spiced Up: It is fall after all, so spices are abundant. Baking spices – cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, allspice – are rooted in tiki culture and balance out the abundance of fruit.

Presentation is Everything: Whimsy is what we’re going for. Look to Three Dots’ Strip And Go Naked, which is adorned with mini bikini bottoms, or reach for a handful of mint and some orchids to bring that baby to life. Have fun with it, and get crazy!