Tiki cocktails lined up on a table of Three Dots and a Dash

Lettuce Entertain You’s Beverage Director Julian Cox and the team at Three Dots and a Dash is unveiling an all-new menu of tiki drinks and Polynesian bites tonight. Come, travel with us to the Island as we guide you through the new menu at the award-winning Three Dots and a Dash.

Overhead view of tiki cocktails

The new menu was more than two months in the making…

… with more than 100 recipes tested…

… approximately 650 different variations of cocktails tasted…

… not to mention a countless number of bars from coast to coast visited…

… and alas, the latest Three Dots menu was born.

“For this menu revamp, we wanted to go back to the drawing board, to figure out the best possible expressions of classic tiki cocktails and how we would go about achieving that,” says Cox. “But we also want to push the envelope – to combine traditional flavors and seasonal ingredients with modern techniques and trends as well as showcase creative new presentations.”

Every drink starts with fresh, seasonal and local produce and spices sourced from all around the world. The team even reformulated their recipes for falernum, orgeat, allspice and cinnamon syrups, which are made daily by hand to ensure the highest quality. Yeah, Julian and the Three Dots team are serious about serving up the best of the best in tiki.

Now, the menu – which is designed to look like a vintage guide book – has nearly two dozen original and updated tiki cocktails. They’re all served in new custom mugs created by local Chicago sculptors and paired to reflect the specific drink. The menu takes you through five categories of libations. Check it out:

—New Classics—

A view of the Missionary's Downfall drink and the Three Dots and a Dash drink

These are drink options that are generally served up, stirred, swizzled and in Collins or coupe glasses. Sip on the Missionary’s Downfall, which utilizes the “nitro-muddle” – aka freezing fresh mint with liquid nitrogen then muddling it – to be combined with rum, pineapple and peach in a classic coupe.

—Creamy ‘n Delicious—

Two tiki cocktails side-by-side

These cocktails use unique spirits and spices, like housemade falernum and cinnamon syrup made from Chinese cinnamon and yes, you guessed it, they have a ultra-creamy texture. Take our lead and order the Polynesian Pearl Diver or the Painkiller.

—High Octane—

Tiki cocktails from Three Dots

It just may be one and done with these potent and powerful creations. The Jet Pilot, with overproof rum, absinthe, grapefruit, lime and cinnamon, goes down almost too easy. You’ve been warned!

—Super Fresh—

A tiki mug and cocktail on a wooden pedestal

Think ocean waves, sand between your toes, sweet tropical fruits. These concoctions use the freshest seasonal ingredients and will transport you to another place. The Aloha, Felicia– a whimsical mix of coconut, pineapple, lime, Thai basil and lemongrass – or the Surf Report with gin, cucumber and mint topped off with a salty foam “wave” will make you question why you’re not currently on a beach somewhere far away…

—Group Activities—

Dry ice smoking in a skull mug for cocktails

Your mother always taught you to share, and here it’s no different. These large-format group drinks are easily shareable amongst a group and come with that extra bit of “wow” factor. The Zombie, with Jamaican and overproof rums, lime, pomegranate, grapefruit, cinnamon and falernum, arrives in a large clear skull embellished with a live flame (and in some cases a bit of dry ice). And the Bali Bali– presented in a large sea urchin vessel flowing with a dry ice “fog”—combines rum, gin, Armagnac, lime, orange, pineapple and passion fruit.  Sharing is caring, folks!

Pu-Pu Platter at Three Dots and a Dash

And yes, there’s always food. Chef/ partner Doug Psaltis has also added some new Polynesian options to the menu. For lighter fare, opt for the fresh and spicy Green Papaya Salad or the Luau Chips with Pineapple-Avocado Dip. Then there’s the brand new Big Kahuna Burger with smoked ham and pineapple and the Peking Duck Wraps. Of course if you can’t make up your mind, the Captain’s Pu Pu Platter is the way to go. Dive into an assortment of island delights like Coconut Shrimp, Hanali Spring Rolls, Pork Buns, Crab Rangoons and Thai Fried Chicken.

The Papaya Salad, Big Kahuna Burger, and Spring Rolls from the food menu of Three Dots and a Dash

Whichever cocktails and bites you choose to complete your experience at Three Dots and a Dash, please join us any night of the week and be prepared to have one helluva tiki time. Visit threedotschicago.com or call 312-610-4220 to make your reservation, and be sure to follow us on Twitter at @ThreeDotsCHI and Instagram @threedotsandadash.