At Ramen-san you’ll find steaming bowls of noodles and old-school hip hop. But, beyond the ramen, dumplings, chicken wings, and pork belly buns, you’ll also find a rotation of specials from the chef crew that utilizes high-quality ingredients from around the world. Enter the Roll-Your-Own special that allows you to mix-and-match ingredients to create fresh and delicious hand-rolls to fit your personal tastes.

The Ramen-san team created the RYO special as a way to highlight the fresh fish they receive daily, like bluefin tuna and salmon belly. Sushi rice and nori remain a constant; the rest of the ingredients are continuously rotating. Dive into options like Big Eye Tuna with ponzu and fresh avocado, Alaskan King Crab salad with spicy Kewpie mayo, and Salmon belly with wasabi tobiko and crisp green onion. Accompaniments often include pickled Japanese vegetables, fresh cucumber, crunchy tempura flakes, and homemade umami soy.

The RYO makes around 8-10 handrolls for about $24, all depending on the type of fish. This off-menu special is a hidden gem that you’ll want to keep a lookout for on Instagram.

The Ramen-san crew shared with us some of their favorites tips to making the most out of Roll-Your-Own:

  • Place nori in palm of hand. Add rice, scoop of fish, a little squiggle of wasabi sauce, a squirt of soy and tempura flakes. Roll up and eat quick!
  • Don’t roll too tightly. It’s a hand roll, not a burrito.
  • Roll a cone instead of a cylinder so your second bite doesn’t end up on your lap.
  • You can never go wrong with otoro and green onions.

Come check out what unique flavors are hitting the tables at Ramen-san and try your hand at rolling your own. We promise we’ll have an ice-cold Asahi waiting for you.