‘Tis the season for a hearty bowl of ramen to warm you up during these colder winter months. But what exactly goes into that umami-filled dish that makes it so satisfying? The team at Ramen-San breaks down all the components for building the perfect (and soul-soothing!) bowl of ramen.

After you’ve mastered your ramen knowledge, check out the quiz below to discover which bowl best fits your personality!

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Meaty pork bones for the 8-hour Tonkotsu broth
Meaty pork bones and chicken thighs used for the 10-hour Tonkotsu broth

It Begins With The Base

A great bowl of ramen starts with flavor-packed broth, simmered for hours to perfection. Let’s explore Ramen-San’s traditional and modern takes:

Tonkotsu: Traditional Hakata-style broth is composed of pork bones and chicken thighs that are brought to a hard rolling boil for 10-hours until a rich, soulful broth emerges. It’s then topped with roasted chashu pork and a molten egg.

Shio: Translating to “salt”, this salt-based chicken broth is a classic, clear broth with a touch of Szechuan pepper. A molten egg, tofu and nori round out the bowl.

Imperial Veg: Not into the bone broth movement? Ramen-San offers a vegetable-based broth made with parsnips, shiitake mushrooms, roasted ginger, Napa cabbage and carrots that are then rounded out with winter melon. Perfect for the plant-based eaters out there (or if you’re just in the mood for a lighter bowl!).

The Meat Of It

Ramen-San offers a variety of proteins that sit atop a bed of Tokyo wavy noodles made by Kenshiro-san at Sun Noodle.

Chashu: Berkshire pork belly, spice rubbed and oven roasted
Fried Chicken: Katsu-style
Ground Pork

Love On Top

Now that you’ve got your broth bases covered, let’s explore all of those toppings: fried garlic, molten eggs, nori, rayu and more! These additions are endless, so we’ve broken it down into a handy graphic to guide you!

ingredients and toppings available at Ramen-san
Check out all of the toppings available to make your bowl of ramen your very own!


What Type Of Ramen Are You?

With your ramen knowledge on point, take our quiz below to find out which bowl of ramen matches your personality!

Now that you know what kind of bowl suits your personality, make a reservation at Ramen-San and enjoy some ramen and sake bombs!

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