It’s Thursday night and you’re craving steak…no, sausage…no, shrimp! Why not have them all?

Introducing Nacional 27’s Gaucho Thursdays! Devour South American churrasco every Thursday night for just $27.27. Indulge in the tradition and enjoy a tantalizing assortment of “all-you-can-eat” fire-roasted skewers that include Argentinian skirt steak, chorizo and chicken sausage, scallops and shrimp, and much more.

Nacional 27 Brazilian Gaucho
Nacional 27 Brazilian Gaucho

So where did this tradition begin and what the heck is a gaucho? The cowboys (or gauchos) in Brazil did all of their cooking over an open flame. A usual meal for them would include meat skewered with their favorite vegetables and seasonings. Nacional 27 honors that tradition with their own version of this Brazilian staple.

Want to learn how to dance the night away? Head over for Havana Night every Wednesday with free salsa lessons! 

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