We’ve heard about vintage as it applies to wine, but did you know that the vintage of a spirit can affect its taste, texture and quality as well?

The bar team at RPM Steak is bringing rare spirits from the 1970s to classic cocktails with their new vintage cocktail program. Enjoy one of these cocktails for lunch or dinner, make a reservation at RPM Steak here. 

Selections include the RPM 1970s Perfect Martini with 1970s Beefeater Gin which boasts more complex aromatics on the nose and a more viscous mouthfeel than modern Beefeater. Fun fact: to eliminate the risk of diluting this rare spirit when stirring the cocktail, each martini is built individually and then frozen for two days. This way, each guest is guaranteed that the cocktail is served at the optimal temperature (cold!) and the spirit truly shines.

Pouring an RPM vintage cocktails martini

The new vintage cocktail menu at RPM Steak is rounded out with the Vintage Negroni and Vintage Boulevardier, both made with Campari from the 1970s. Yesterday’s Campari, bottled in London versus the modern domestic version, is more bitter on the palate due to the presence of cascarilla bark and carmine dye (made from beetle shells and also used to give the Campari its signature red hue). However, the vintage formula is also a tad sweeter, which makes for a very nice play between the pronounced bitter and sweet notes.

Pro tip: Pair rare spirits from RPM Steak’s vintage cocktail menu with rare Japanese beef; head here to learn more about RPM’s Wagyu and Kobe beef selection.

With unique spirits like these, quantities are limited, so make your way over to RPM Steak to try one today! Click here to make a reservation at RPM Steak.