Fresh season calls for fresh, new tiki cocktails (and mugs, of course). Introducing the new Three Dots and a Dash summer menu crafted by Beverage Director, Kevin Beary, and LEYE Beverage Director, Julian Cox. The latest menu offers a selection of classic tiki favorites alongside inventive modern creations, all incorporating an abundance of fresh, seasonal and exotic fruits and spices. Also added to the line up: new drinkware, large-format cocktails for sharing, oh, and new Polynesian-inspired grub to nosh on. The menu hits today, so here’s a taste of what to expect.

What’s Fresh in the Glass

In the tiki world where rum is king, Kevin and Julian are changing things up by incorporating off-beat spirits such as brandy, gin, tequila and mezcal. Seasonal tropical ingredients of kiwi, mango, and of course, pineapple are highlighted while lesser-known Southeast Asian components take the stage—pandan leaves and Calpico—to invigorate the taste buds. Elaborate garnishes top all concoctions, from crystallized violets over a bed of mint in the Violet Revolver to backscratchers in the Tropical Itch. Known for its iconic tiki mugs, the Angler Fish mug is introduced in the Fangtooth, and Three Dots has reached into its archives to bring back fan favorites in new color washes.

4 cocktails from Three Dots in different tiki mugs with fruit and straws out of the glass

A picturesque Wiki Wiki is a modern take on a tiki swizzle featuring an abundance of fresh kiwi, a split base of a local mango brandy and grassy rhum agricole, fresh pressed pineapple, lime and kiwi juices. Meanwhile a boozy, spice-filled Long Walk On A Short Pierpacks a punch with a mix of blanco tequila and mezcal, Kevin’s housemade fassionola, and guava, passionfruit, pomegranate, red cherry and ginger juices finish it off.

a cocktail in a tall silver mug with a root and 2 swizzle sticks hanging out of it A tiki drink that is bright orange with edible flowers and umbrellas in the glass

Three Dots and a Dash’s convivial atmosphere calls for a cocktail to share with friends! The Rock Out With Your Conch Out! is the newest addition to the group cocktail line-up, with a top secret blend of rums, lime, grapefruit, pineapple, pomegranate, falernum and absinthe. Serving 5-6 friends, this group drink is placed in an oversized conch bowl, bursting with colorful garnishes atop a bed of seashells and overflowing with aromatic dry ice “fog”.

Rock Out With Your Conch Out! is the newest addition to the group cocktail line-up, with a top secret blend of rums, lime, grapefruit, pineapple, pomegranate, falernum and absinthe and sits in a giant shells with fruit inside of it

What’s New on the Plate

Joining mainstay dishes like the Big Kahuna Burger and Captain Dino’s Pu Pu Platter are fit-for-the-season additions like Tofu Peanut Noodles and Curried Pork Skewers. Three Dots keeps things friendly with fare inspired by acclaimed bars around the world including the Vietnamese shrimp Trick Dog paying homage to San Francisco’s Bon Vivants and Yuca Fries, lending a nod to their Parisian pals at Dirty Dick.

The curried pork skewers sit on a plate with a side of white sauce  A hand is holding the trick dog, which is a hot dog with slaw on it

The new Three Dots and a Dash menu is available beginning June 1. Belly up to the bar or stop in with a group of friends to check out all the new tiki offerings. Visit to take a look at the new menu and to make reservations.