The Detroit-style pan pizza craze has swept the Midwest for years, and now, it has reached the West Coast! Stella Barra Hollywood is pulling another culinary creation out of the oven: thick, buttery and cheesy pan pizza with a perfectly crispy crust. It is available every day from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM on Stella Barra’s lunch and happy hour menus.

Detroit style pizza at stella barra

Often confused with the spongy focaccia Sicilian-style pizza, Detroit-style differs in its dough recipe, which creates a lighter and airy dough that is less chewy thanks to its crispy underside. Regardless if it comes in rectangular form or Stella Barra’s oval cut, Detroiters still refer to it as a “square pizza.” This goes back to the original square industrial pans used at Buddy’s all the way back in the 1940s, now largely out-of-use in pizzerias across the country.

Stella Barra’s new Detroit-style pan pizza is another bold step forward for pizza enthusiasts tired of the greasy, uninspired slices that can be found anywhere and everywhere. To the question of if Detroit-style can top Chicago-style and New York-style pies… you’ll have to taste and decide for yourself! Click here to check out the menus and don’t forget to follow @StellaBarra on Instagram.