Arguably one of the most well-known dishes out of Latin America and it’s Peru’s national dish, ceviche is getting its own holiday on Friday, June 28 with National Ceviche Day!

Nacional 27 takes ceviche seriously, offering three different types from salmon to scallop, watermelon to grapefruit. Nacional 27’s Corporate Chef Tim Hockett shares his rules in creating the freshest ceviche:

  1. Buy the best fish you can find. Tim’s favorites include tuna, hamachi, salmon and mackerel.
  2. Add some spice! All ceviche contains some kind of chile, anything from fresh serrano to dried aji amarillo.
  3. Add something from the lily family such as red or white onions and chives.
  4. Pick your acid. A classic go-to is a little lemon and lime juice with a touch of orange — but don’t stop there! Tim loves yuzu, key lime or even Buddha’s hand zest to give it a unique kick.
  5. Salt it! This is a must. Option to add in pepper or other spices.
  6. Finish it off with fresh herbs like cilantro, nuts or seeds for texture or fold fresh fruit in.

three bowls of ceviche

Shrimp & Scallop
Citrus, Sweet Peppers, Avocado

Citrus-cured Salmon
Cucumber, Grapefruit, Tomato

Ahi Tuna & Watermelon
Spicy Rice Wine Vinaigrette

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