Meet Valerie Dellorto, a recruiter at Lettuce Entertain You, who says she’s “found joy” in every position she’s held at Lettuce, but it was really her kindness and bubbly personality which not only impressed Lettuce partners and employees, but also landed her the nickname, “Happy Val.”

Her journey started four years ago as a receptionist at the Lettuce corporate office and from there, she worked a number of positions before joining our recruiting team. Val has been named one of “CareerBuilder’s Top Sourcers” in Chicago, responsible for hiring more than 100 applicants through just their system in the last year.

Watch how Val’s positive attitude and gratitude, catapulted her from the front desk to the front line of hiring top talent at Lettuce Entertain You.

Val on the phone for Lettuce Eats

Interested in working for LEYE? Take Val’s advice: 
1. Highlight your creativity in your interview: We have so many creative partners and chefs, and we want to see what new ideas you can bring to the table.

2. Tell us about your relevant hospitality experience and emphasize your accomplishments: We’re one of the top employers in Chicago, show us how your accomplishments can impact our growing company!

3. Personality is key: We can train you on how to successfully manage the floor, but we can’t show you how to do it with a smile. We take candidates’ emotional intelligence seriously. After all, you can’t teach someone to have passion, enthusiasm, and drive.

Oyster Bah chefs in kitchen

To see what positions are currently available at LEYE, click here.

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