Welcome to Lettuce Life, a behind the scenes look at what makes Lettuce Entertain You special: our people. Meet Cheryl and Carrol Symank, who met at Lettuce and have been married for 22 years. Together, they have a combined 70 years of experience in the restaurants and at the corporate office. These two embody the Lettuce culture of caring and day-after-day, they inspire the next generation of employees.

Carrol and cheryl sitting on the couch at corporate lettuce offices

Carrol started as a server at Ed Debevics in 1988 and Cheryl as a server at Fritz That’s It in 1982. Today, they are each part of the Corporate Office leadership team: Carrol as the VP of Risk Operations, responsible for the safety and well-being of guests and employees, and Cheryl as a Learning and Development Manager.

Watch their story and see why they make the perfect pair.

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