We’re all in need of a little TLC these days, and our favorite way to feel good? Wholesome, delicious foods. Stay energized, happy and healthy with these dishes and drinks from a variety of Lettuce restaurants. From the best way to kick-start your day or that afternoon pick-me-up, we’ve got some ideas to keep you feeling refreshed and recharged.


Yogurt Parfait from Beatrix Market

Beatrix Yogurt to go

Your new go-to breakfast, lunch and snack. Yogurt goes above and beyond when it comes to your health – it strengthens your bones, immune system and helps with digestion. Plus, yogurt is full of probiotics that increase your mood levels. Grab a parfait to-go next time you’re at Beatrix Market and choose from delicious vanilla, lemon vanilla and berry flavors.

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Homemade Ginger Ale from Big Bowl & Wow Bao


Ginger Ale does more than cure an upset stomach, it helps to reduce inflammation, increase immunity and kill bacteria. Big Bowl’s homemade Ginger Ale is spicy and just a little sweet, perfect for enjoying alongside a vegetable stir-fry or soothing noodle soup. Wow Bao is also known for their fresh, housemade Ginger Ale with ginger syrup, soda water and lime.

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Fresh Squeezed Juice from Beatrix

Beatrix Juices to Fight the FluThe fresh squeezed juice menu at Beatrix reads like a prescription for good health with options including Mango, Orange and Pineapple Nectar; Apple, Pomegranate and Ginger, and the Blueberry Basil Smash. In addition to your daily dose of Vitamin C from the citrus, blueberries and pomegranate are well-known for their antioxidant properties.

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Kale and Grains Salad from Hub 51

hub 51 kale salad

Here’s our daily reminder to eat your veggies! Leafy greens like kale are loaded with vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants that boast so many health benefits, from enhancing your skin to strengthening your bones. Check out the Kale and Grains Salad from Hub 51, topped with avocado, roasted cashews, citrus, quinoa and a mustard vinaigrette.

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“Spaghetti” & Meatballs from Whole30 Delivered

Whole30 Chicken meatballs

Not your average “Spaghetti & Meatballs”, this dish from Whole30 Delivered is the perfect mix of healthy and delicious. The chicken meatballs are slow cooked in marinara served on a bed of roasted spaghetti squash. Spaghetti squash is one of the best winter veggies – rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, plus low in carbs and high in fiber for digestive health. Fix your pasta craving without any guilt and thank us later!

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Cedar-Planked Salmon from Wildfire

Cedar-planked salmon on a plate
Salmon has got it all going on; packed with omega 3’s, protein and essential vitamins. Not only does it have an undeniably great taste, it can be prepared in so many ways. A fan-favorite is Wildfire’s Cedar-Planked Salmon topped with a brown sugar-soy glaze.

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Ramen from Ramen-san or Tokio Pub

Ramen-san Tonkotsu Ramen
What’s better than a big bowl of piping hot ramen on a cold night? Ramen-san features the traditional Tonkotsu Ramen, Spicy Miso Ramen and Imperial Shio Ramen (veggie), to name a few. The pork, chicken and vegetable broths aid in digestion and boosting your immune system. Tokio Pub has a special monday night build-your-own ramen kit that lets you personalize your bowl of ramen exactly to your liking! Let slurping season commence.

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14K Chocolate Cake from RPM Steak

14k chocolate cake
Believe it or not, dark chocolate has a whole lot of benefits. Cocoa has antioxidants and nutrients that help to reduce inflammation, lower blood sugar levels, and it’s even said to reduce stress levels. So, YES, go treat yourself to some (dark) chocolate! Our favorite way to sneak some in: the 14K Chocolate Cake from RPM Steak.

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