It’s in their name for a reason. The team at M Burger spent countless hours working to perfect the most craveable burger in the city. Each layer is crafted with thought and care. You’ll find only the best purveyors and ingredients between our buns, and that includes the buns themselves! We want to invite you to take a trip through the iconic Double Cheeseburger and see what makes it so freakin’ good.

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a burger broken down by layers

Now Let’s Break it Down

M Burgers all in a box!

If it’s a great burger, it starts with a great bun. Since the beginning, M Burger has only been serving the freshest buns they could get their hands on. After trying every bun under the sun, they are now proudly serving an American favorite — the Martin’s Potato Bun. Made at the family-owned Martin’s Pastry Shoppe in Pennsylvania, they’re made with real butter and milk and do not use any artificial dyes, high-fructose corn syrup, or GMOs.

cooper's cheeseburger in chicago

Cheese really does make everything taste better. Burgers and cheese belong together. We all know this to be true. M Burger’s adding their ooey-gooey sharp cheddar cheese to their Cheeseburger and Double Cheeseburger, but they have a cheese secret. They are shipping in the best American cheese in the country to add to their burgers, and they’re the first in the Midwest to do so! Try the new Cooper’s sharp American cheese, billed as “the best American cheese in the USA“, by Bon Appetit and one of the most loved cheese’s in New York since 1893.

cheese pull from a grilled cheese

Pro Tip: Try Cooper’s with your next grilled cheese on the secret menu

The magic is in the patty. Our team at M Burger only uses the best quality, all-natural black Angus, Midwestern beef that is freshly ground for each burger. Lettuce Entertain You has been selecting cattle from these ranches for over 30 years. The cows are raised on midwestern pasture and are free of antibiotics and hormones. Our freshly ground beef is fresh, never frozen, seasoned with kosher salt and cooked the old fashioned way, on our ripping hot griddle.

The freshest veggies in town. The folks at M Burger are taking the time and effort to chop, slice and dice all of their veggies every single day, never prepping more than they need to minimize waste and give you the best quality. This means they are using the freshest produce they can get their hands on, and it’s usually all local produce to boot!

Pickles! M Burger’s pickles are coming from their Chicago neighbor, Puckered Pickles. These super tasty, crunchy, well-seasoned pickle pairs perfectly with a savory burger.

Don’t forget the secret sauce. A burger without this homemade sauce isn’t really a burger at all. Just like the bbq sauce, tangy sriracha mayo, hot fudge, and caramel, M Burger makes their sauce (sometimes called the ”secret sauce”) from scratch. This heavenly sauce features 10 ingredients to elevate all the savory, sweet, tangy and Umami flavors that are in a great M burger.

burgers and fries from M Burger in Chicago

It takes a lot more thought and care than most people realize to craft the ultimate burger. Do your stomach a solid and venture into M Burger to try one of their creations. You can thank us later. Find your nearest M Burger location and follow along on Instagram!