Come cozy up to the bar at Booth One , and let us tell you a story about the brand new cocktail menu which is inspired by Pump Room menu’s past from principle bartenders Brandon Phillips and Derek Alexander. From original creations and riffs on classics, to sparkling cocktails, fizzes, mocktails and more, the team crafted 23 new cocktails that can be enjoyed exclusively in the bar and lounge area of the restaurant. To view the new cocktail menu at Booth One, click here.
 Cocktails on the Booth One bar

Here’s how it all started, as told to us by principle bartender, Brandon Phillips.

As you may know, Lettuce Entertain You previously owned the restaurant space and Lettuce’s founder Rich Melman, has a number of original Pump Room menus in his possession, as well as menus from The Buttery, which was the restaurant across the street in the Ambassador West.

The bar team got really excited looking through the pages of these old menus, and wanted to bring back some of that old time magic to the bar. All of the cocktails, while remaining true to the classics, have been toiled over to produce what we think is the very best version of each.

The cocktail menu to us is really a return to the style of the previous restaurants’ menu in the 1970’s. The front of the menu is all of our contemporary, original cocktails, but when you open it,  you are greeted with multiple categories of classic cocktails.

Let’s travel back in time through the cocktail menu:

Cocktails on the Booth One Bar

First are your Aperitifs, which are very classic, generally low-abv; they’re really cocktails intended to grow appetite before dinner.

Bartenders choice: Sip on The Diplomat with French Vermouth, Italian Vermouth, Maraschino Liqueur, Orange Bitters.

The Diplomat Cocktail from Booth One
The Diplomat

Next up, the Prosecco Cocktails, these are all bright, effervescent cocktails made with Giuliana prosecco.

Bartenders Choice: The Sophia Loren, A Sgroppino is a classic Italian blend of prosecco and sorbet. Our Pastry Chef, Andrea Coté, makes an incredible sorbet out of Aperol and grapefruit, we blend it with prosecco to order and it is spectacular.

Booth One Sophia Loren cocktail
Sophia Loren

Not into booze? The Non-Alcoholic Cocktails were made with just as much care and consideration as their boozy friends. These offerings are composed, alcohol-free options that give guests who may not drink an opportunity to still enjoy something unique and delicious.

Bartenders Choice: Try the Amaretti with Italian Green Almondine Tea (from our friends at Rare Tea Cellar), Lemon, Egg White and Soda.

Zero proof cocktail Amaretti at Booth One

Have you ever had a Fizz?

Fizzes are traditional ‘eye-openers’ or drinks to have in the morning and truthfully they’re among my favorite style of cocktails to have at any time of the day.

Bartenders Choice: The Chicago Fizz with Demerara Rum, Ruby Port, Lemon, Egg White and Soda.

Chicago Fizz at Booth One
Chicago Fizz with Demerara rum, Ruby Port, lemon, egg white, soda

Next up, Sours, which represent a wide category of citrus-forward cocktails that are generally very refreshing.

Bartenders Choice: Whiskey Sour with Bonded Bourbon, Lemon, Egg White, Bitters.

Whiskey Sour at booth One
Whiskey Sour

Martinis are next. Here we are updating some of the ‘classic’ martinis dating way back to the late 1800’s and some more recent classics from the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Bartenders Choice: The Dutch Courage with Modern Gin, Genever, St. Germain, Bénédictine.

Dutch courage cocktail
Dutch Courage

Can I have two in this category?

Bartenders Choice (take 2): The Apple Martini was invented in 1996 at Lola’s Restaurant in West Hollywood, and was a blend of Vodka and Apple Pucker. We’ve kept the vodka base and added Calvados (a French Apple Brandy), and replaced the Pucker with a top quality Italian Green Apple Liqueur. It’s juicy, super fresh, and not neon green.

You’ve finished your meal at Booth One and perhaps you prefer to drink your dessert? The After Dinner dessert cocktails were really big in the past but have since fallen out of favor, so we’re bringing them back!

Bartenders Choice: The Espresso Martini with Vodka, Café Moka, Nola Coffee Liqueur, Espresso, Bitters.

Espresso Martini at Booth One
Espresso Martini

Another favorite of mine is the Pump Room Grasshopper. The Grasshopper was originally invented at Tejague’s restaurant in New Orleans French Quarter, sometime in the 1910’s. After updating it, and Rich dubbing it “one of the best grasshoppers I’ve ever had,” I glanced at the 1950’s cocktail menu from The Buttery across the street in the Ambassador West and found that they had ‘The Pump Room Grasshopper,’ so ours is an homage to the history of this space.

Grasshopper cocktail at Booth One
Pump Room Grasshopper with Crème de Menthe, Crème de Cacao, cream

One other fun fact about the menu at Booth One is that some of the dishes are named after past regulars whose photos you may see on the walls in the lounge. The Burt Reynolds cocktail is one of those. The drink blends estate Bourbon from the Willett Distillery with Rhubarb based Amaro, Cacao and Cherry Bark Vanilla Bitters.

Burt Reynolds cocktail at Booth One
Burt Reynolds cocktail

Next time you’re at Booth One, come visit Derek and I at the bar, we can’t wait to mix a drink up for you.

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