We all have our favorite style pizzas. Some like ‘em thin and crunchy, while others prefer deep dish. No matter your pizza preference, we’re here to tell you that there’s a new pie in town that you’ve got to try– and it comes from the kitchen at Beatrix Market – DePaul Loop at 23 E. Jackson Blvd!

Beatrix Market may be known for the salad bar, hot bar and grab-and-go options, but unique to the DePaul Loop location is pizza so good, that you’ll want to skip that salad and dive into an individual deep dish (or two) all to yourself.

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Beatrix Market Pizza Chicago

So what makes the pizza stand out? Executive Chef / Partner John Chiakulas of Beatrix Market shares what makes his recipe different.

  1. It’s all about that Chicago-style crust.

The individual deep dish pies at Beatrix Market differ from the Chicago-style norm. Chef John explains that traditional deep dish crusts are made with cornmeal, but his recipe uses extra virgin olive oil instead. The olive oil is what gives his deep dish ‘za a lighter and flakier crust. Even the Chicago Tribune took note calling the pie, “the best deep dish pizza in the city.”  

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  1. The sweet tomato sauce

When it comes to the thin-crust pizzas at the Market, Chef John likes his sauce sweet, and so do we! With the perfect pinch of sweetness in his secret, saucy recipe, we can bet you’ll be organizing a pizza party in no time.

Beatrix Market Pizza Chicago

  1. More cheese, please!

The bubbling and creamy mozzarella that tops the house-made dough melts like butter, and according to Chef John, “with a generous amount of cheese under the sauce, you can guarantee you’ll get that cheese pull with every bite.”

Beatrix Market Pizza Chicago

  1. Gluten-free and vegan options

Living a gluten-free or vegan lifestyle and thought your pizza days were over? You thought wrong! Enjoy a custom-baked pizza with gluten-free dough, vegan cheese options, and more –  available upon request.

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Beatrix Market Pizza Chicago

  1. Enjoy it without ever leaving your couch

Yes, you read that right! Order up your pie for carry-out and delivery. Click here to order pizza from Beatrix Market with DoorDash.

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