The times they are a-changin’ in Illinois and we’re here for when the inevitable munchies hit. Whether you’re looking for something sweet, cheesy, or anything in-between, we’ve rounded up the best ways to satisfy any craving.

Pizza with three crust dips - munchie food

Pizza is the ultimate cure-all for a killer case of the munchies, but Stella Barra Pizzeria recently took things to a new level with the introduction of three flavors of Crust DipsWarm Tomato Sauce, Garlic Butter and decadent Truffle Gruyére Fonduta. Choose one for $.95 or go with all three for $1.95 (we know decision-making isn’t your strong suit right now).

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Fried Chicken

If you are spending an afternoon on the couch, order Seaside’s Famous Fried Chicken when that hunger hits. Served by the half or whole bird, this cravable chicken is double battered and fried to order so it arrives crispy and piping hot to your front door.

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Ramen Burger - munchie food

We love a good food mash-up and the Ramen Burger with Angus beef, soy “molasses,” mizuna and green onion all on a ramen noodle bun delivers. Find this East-meets-West creation on the menu at Tokio Asian Fusion in Schaumburg. Yes, the munchies can hit when you are in the ‘burbs too!

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Chicken Nachos - Munchie Food

Grab your friends (they’re probably hungry too) and gather ’round a plate of Hub 51’s Famous Pulled Chicken Nachos with all-natural chicken, guacamole, tomato salsa, jalapenos, cheddar and Oaxaca cheeses. Don’t forget to pass the salsa!

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We break down how to build a perfect plate of nachos (and give you the scoop on where to find some of the best nachos at our restaurants)


Late Night Fried Rice

It’s late, you’re starving, what do you do? Head to Ramen-San in River North or Fulton Market for some Late Night Fried Rice. The rotating Late Night Fried Rice special starts at 10:00 PM and flavor combos are ever-changing — one night it might be Zongzi LNFR with lap cheong, shrimp and shiitake, the next night it could be Szechuan Lamb or Crispy Carnitas.

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Looking for more late-night options – check out our guide here


Roman Style Burger

Feeling something cheesy, but a regular ole cheeseburger just isn’t going to cut it? Order your burger “Roman Style” from the M Burger secret menu and they’ll sub a grilled cheese sandwich for each bun. Problem solved!

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Buffalo Chicken Nachos

Craving buffalo wings AND nachos? Go ahead and have both with R.J. Grunts’ Buffalo Chicken Nachos with two melted cheeses, lettuce, tomato and zesty ranch. Opened in 1971, R.J. Grunts exudes the funky, devil-may-care lifestyle of the 70s in its style, décor, music, and menu. You’ll feel right at home here.

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Potstickers from Wow Bao have just the right umami flavor balance to satisfy any craving. They’re filled with ginger chicken or Asian vegetables, pan-seared for a crispy bite, and served with soy ginger sauce, sesame mustard or hot chili oil for dipping. Available in 5, 8 or 12-piece orders – or get the 30-piece Potsticker Platter for a potsticker party for you and your friends!

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Whole loaf garlic bread at il porcellino

Sometimes you just feel like eating a whole loaf of garlic bread. When the craving hits, head to Il Porcellino for the Whole Loaf Garlic Bread with house-baked ciabatta gussied up with garlic butter and parmesan cheese. Want to get fancy? Add black truffle for just $6. We won’t tell anyone if you don’t share.

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Crab Cellar party

Got a case of the munchies that just won’t quit? Then head to Crab Cellar for Chicago’s only all-you-can-eat Alaskan King Crab and Prime Burger experience. Stuff your face until you say “when” – whenever that might be!

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Bakery case at Summer House Santa Monica

From oversized chocolate chip cookies to toasted marshmallow-topped s’mores bars, the Bakery at Summer House Santa Monica can satiate any sweet tooth. Order something for dessert to finish your meal or grab one (or more!) treats to-go. We have your sugar craving covered!

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