There are a million reasons why we all love frozen treats. Here are just a few…


They can be boozy…

Tallboy Taco is offering a seasonal selection of Boozy Paletas, from a refreshing Strawberry Daiquiri made with fresh strawberries, orange, Brugel Añejo rum and Cointreau to a creamy Piña Colada made with coconut rum, Coco Lopez and fresh pineapple juice. Currently, the restaurant is featuring a boozy Horchata paleta. If you’d prefer a non-alcoholic option, they also are serving Mango, Spicy Pineapple, and Chia Lemon. 

These Boozy Paletas are an awesome alternative to summer cocktails. But how do they differ? They are much lower in alcohol content. TIP: Don’t add too much booze or they won’t freeze. Instead, use your favorite cocktail recipe but cut the alcohol down by almost half – this will allow them to set up properly.

Learn how to create Boozy Paletas at home. Full recipe here.


boozy milkshakes from Stripburger in Las Vegas

Shake it up in Las Vegas with our ‘adult’ milkshakes at Stripburger. From the Livin’ the Dreamsicle orange shake with vanilla vodka to Black Jack chocolate shake with Jack Daniel’s, there’s something for everyone. Rotating specials like the Peanut Butter & Banana Shake, Pistachio-Vanilla Shake and more change things up every few weeks. Click here for the full selection of milkshakes at Stripburger.

… savory and sweet

Handmade Ice Cream Sandwiches with malted chocolate chip cookies

It’s always ice cream season at Summer House Santa Monica. Pastry Chef Erin Mooney serves up a selection of seasonal ice cream, sorbet and frozen yoghurt flavors, along with year-round specialties like the Handmade Ice Cream Sandwiches with malted chocolate chip cookies dipped in chocolate chips. In the summer, you might find inventive flavors like Avocado Mint Chip and Cucumber-Lemon Fro-Yo. Available at the Chicago and N Bethesda locations.

Do try this at home: Here is the recipe for Cucumber-Lemon Frozen Yogurt.



…don’t forget about gelatos, frozen yogurt and sorbets!

antico posto's peanut butter ice cream
No matter the season, frozen yogurt always hits the (sweet) spot. Swing by the Foodlife Juice Bar and enjoy frozen yogurt topped with your favorite fix-ins like crushed Oreos, chocolate chips, and more! Also, enjoy rotating gelato flavors at Foodlife! Favorites include Bubblegum, Chocolate Chip and Mixed Berry. FUN FACT: Join our email club and enjoy a free scoop on your next visit! Join the Foodlife email club here! 

In perfect Italian fashion, Antico Posto serves up classic gelato each and every night! With a rotating flavor menu, favorites include Peanut Butter, Burnt Caramel and Peppermint. View Antico Posto’s gelato of the day menu.

Eating dairy or gluten-free? Try the seasonal sorbets, with farm-fresh flavors like mango, raspberry and more from Mon Ami Gabi.

… and ahh, super refreshing.

Think a delightfully refreshing cool treat to beat down the dog days of summer. Try Ramen-san’s Strawberries & Cream Shaved Ice, made with macerated strawberries, sweetened condensed milk, fresh lime zest and mint and chewy tapioca pearls between layer after layer of shaved ice.

But you can also recreate this shaved ice dessert at home. Here are few tips and flavor combinations from Ramen-san’s Chef Doug Psaltis to take your frozen indulgence to the next level.

1. Start with a fine, light texture:
True shaved ice (or “shave ice,” as it’s called in Hawaii) consists of tiny flakes of ice served with flavorings and toppings. The fine texture absorbs these additions much better than coarser ice, which is what’s used to make the American snow cone.

2. Scrape it away:
The best way to achieve this fine texture is by using a shaved ice machine, which you can find for as little as $20 for a simple, hand-crank model. For a quick and free at-home method, try freezing a block of ice in a plastic storage container or clean cardboard drink carton (alternatively, you can purchase a large block of ice), freeze overnight, remove, then scrape or shave the ice with a cheese grater or bench knife.

3. Flavor time:
Now is the time to add your syrups and other flavorings — just make sure they are chilled! We recommend fresh fruit simple syrups, sorbets, ice cream, sweet condensed milk, maple syrup or any type of liqueurs to elevate the shaved ice into an adult treat!

4. Top it off:
Add slices of fresh fruit, toasted coconut, chopped nuts, tapioca pearls — whatever strikes your fancy! Don’t forget to serve the shaved ice in a pretty cup or glass, and be sure to include a spoon!

5. Play around:
While we love the freshness of the strawberries, fresh lime and mint served at Ramen-san, Chef Doug also enjoys these flavor combinations:

Creamsicle: Alternate layers of shaved ice with store-bought orange sorbet and vanilla ice cream, then top with diced fresh mango and toasted flakes of coconut.

Lemon Meringue: Alternate layers of store-bought (or homemade!) lemon sorbet with shaved ice and toasted marshmallows. Finish with freshly grated lemon zest, more toasted marshmallows and a sprinkling of crushed graham crackers for an added bonus!