With winter’s cold chill in the air, soup is our go-to for when we need something to warm our souls. But rather than diving into a big bowl of broth, why not try soup that’s been neatly wrapped up into individual dumplings? Below are two options for where you can get your latest soup dumpling fix this winter season.

Tang Bao at Ramen-san

Tang Bao are essentially giant soup dumplings filled with meat or seafood and have a gelatin base to give them their defining “soup” characteristic. Stop in to Ramen-san for this dinner special while you still can. These will easily become your go-to comfort food as the temperature drops outside.

Tang Bao is a giant soup dumpling

Chef Marcelo Han took great care in developing the dough for Ramen-san’s tang bao. Not only does the dough need to be silky and pliable, but it has to withstand the weight and heat of the broth inside without falling apart or becoming too gummy.

Hands rolling out dough for a dumpling

Chef Marcelo first started making tang bao with a mixture of pork shoulder and pork belly, plus aromatics like ginger, garlic and green onions. Chicken gelatin made from Ramen-san’s shio ramen is folded into the mix before each dumpling is topped off with king crab. This recipe has quickly become a jumping off point –Chef Marcelo and his team are coming up with unique fillings to introduce to guests throughout the season, and for a limited-time only.

Dumplings being prepared in tiny bowls with their fillings

These giant dumplings are steamed to perfection and served piping hot to diners with a spoon and straw (the best way to enjoy them!), warming ginger and spicy black vinegar, proving that tang bao are a can’t-miss opportunity perfect for chilly weather.

Hands wrapping up a dumpling

Soup Dumplings at Wow Bao

If you’ve tried Ramen-san’s tang bao and can’t seem to get enough of soup dumplings, then head over to Wow Bao for their take.

Soup dumplings in a bowl

These scrumptious dumplings are filled with comforting chicken soup that will help thaw you out during the winter months. Grab them throughout January while they still last.

Sometimes, nothing quite soothes the soul like a real-deal bowl of soup, so don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. Can’t get enough soup? We chatted with Chef John Chiakulas who gave some tips and tricks on crafting the perfect soup.