One of Chicago’s most unique omakase experiences is Sushi-San’s aptly named omaKAZE, where guests reserve front-row seats directly in front of Master Sushi Chef, Kaze Chan. The experience, which is only available Tuesday through Saturday in both full tasting or late-night menus – rotates daily, allowing guests a different meal every time. Here’s what you need to know about the omaKAZE at Sushi-San.

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It’s Led by Master Sushi Chef Kaze Chan 
This world-class chef drives the omakase (which means “I leave it up to you”), guiding guests through the delicacies of sashimi, nigiri and edomae sushi composed of some of the world’s best ingredients.

Chef Kaze Chan of Sushi-san behind the sushi bar

Check out Chef Kaze’s journey to becoming a Sushi Master!

Classic Edomae Sushi is Combined with Modern Technique
By marrying the two approaches, Chef Kaze brings out unique flavors of ingredients to present an entirely new tasting profile. Rather than simply seasoning the fish with soy sauce, he uses Upethi salt – one of the finest quality sea salts adhering to centuries-old Balinese salt-farming traditions. He also mixes proteins; a classic edomae course would be uni served nigiri-style with soy sauce and wasabi, but Kaze takes this a step further by layering the uni with Japanese Snow Crab and Alaskan King Crab.

Crab Nigiri

Chef Kaze also experiments with non-proteins, like the Melted Tomato Nigiri, where MightyVine tomatoes are salted and slowly dehydrated over the grill for 5 hours, then sprinkled with a special Japanese seasoning.

The Menu Rotates Daily
Sustainability, seasonality and responsible sourcing is key. Kaze and his team work directly with the Yamakazi family – who’s been sourcing fish for three generations – at Japan’s Toyosu Fish Market to acquire ingredients at their peak, a process so precise that they may only have a two-week window during the entire year to get their hands on certain ingredients. The team also sources sustainable bluefin tuna from Balfego in Spain.

ingredients at Sushi-San

OmaKAZE menu items may include:

Tuna 2 Ways: First, lean tuna cheek is seared with soy sauce and topped with sea urchin, fresh ginger and salt.

Tuna nigiri topped with uni

Then chutoro is draped with a small piece of delicate white kelp that’s been braised in sake and mirin and topped with sesame and wasabi stem pickle.

chutoro nigiri

Scallop & Uni: Uni and seasoned rice with sweet and briny Hokkaido scallop, topped with Upethi salt, yuzu skin and fresh wasabi.

SCallop and uni nigiri

White Squid: This creamy squid gets torched giving it a smoky flavor, then served nigiri-style with lime juice and zest, salt and yuzu kosho.

squid nigiri

Umami Scallop Hand Roll: Scallops are roasted in the Josper coal-burning oven to remove moisture and condense their flavor before getting a second roast in a butter bath. Next, crisp toasted nori is filled with warm sushi rice, the warm scallops, a spicy blend of tobanjan and mayo, then topped with tempura crunch.

Scallop hand roll at Sushi-San

The omaKAZE is a Full Experience
Guests are able to enjoy an intimate dining experience with Chef Kaze while still being included in all the action, listening to old-school hip hop and all. Enjoy rare Japanese whiskys, inventive cocktails or one of Sushi-San’s optional sake pairings. This omaKAZE is exclusive yet doesn’t exclude.

Here’s How To Book!
Choose your day: Tuesday through Saturday. Pick the time and menu: 5:00 PM and 7:00 PM (14-courses) or 9:00 PM and 11:00 PM (6-course late night). The omaKAZE experience ranges from $48 – $108, plus tax (gratuity not included). Click here to book your omaKAZE.