Have you been thinking about trying Whole30 as your New Year’s resolution? Now it’s easier than ever with Whole30 Delivered, the virtual restaurant with locations in Chicago and New York City from Lettuce Entertain You and Whole30. The menu features delicious, 100% Whole30-compliant dishes to keep you on track. delivered exclusively through Grubhub. We sat down with the team at Whole30 to get their take on why you should try the program in 2021. Read on for five reasons you should get started!

Order Whole30 Delivered, exclusively on Grubhub.


#1 – Whole30 is coming to your neighborhood

Whole30 Delivered is now available in downtown Chicago, Lincoln Park, and Mount Prospect, plus New York City and Brooklyn, with more locations opening soon, making it even easier to follow the healthy lifestyle.

Jumbo Ancho Spiced Chicken Wings with celery and herb ranch dressing from Whole30 Delivered
Jumbo Ancho Spiced Chicken Wings with celery and herb ranch dressing from Whole30 Delivered


#2 – You’ll get to try new things

Look at the Whole30 as a chance to branch out and try new-to-you recipes and meals that might become your new favorites in 2020. Or for the times you don’t feel like cooking, try the cravable Jumbo Ancho Spiced Chicken Wings with celery and herb ranch dressing or the Tailgate Chili with grass-fed beef, roasted tomato, avocado, and chive from Whole30 Delivered, brought straight to your door by Grubhub. Check out the full Whole30 Delivered menu here.

Whole30 Chili

#3 – Experience #NSVs (non-scale victories)

The list of potential Whole30 benefits is long and many have nothing to do with losing weight. Many people report experiencing better sleep, clearer skin and increased energy, just for starters.

Whole30 Founder Melissa Hartwig Urban
Whole30 Founder Melissa Hartwig Urban

#4 – Everyone else is doing it

This is one time where you CAN go with the crowd! January is the most popular time of year to do Whole30, so you won’t be in it alone. Find a few Whole30 buddies on Instagram, attend a Whole30 Coach event in your city or go to one of Whole30 Founder Melissa Hartwig Urban’s January tour events. Find out more about Melissa’s The Whole30 Friends & Family book tour here.


#5 – Find Food Freedom

The best part about Whole30? Rolling the lessons you learned during the program into lasting Food Freedom. Melissa Hartwig Urban explains, “Food Freedom is about indulging when it’s worth it, passing when it isn’t, and never feeling guilt or shame for doing either.” Whole30 Delivered can support you here, too, as your life after Whole30 go-to for delicious and healthy meals. Learn more about Food Freedom from Melissa here.

So what are you waiting for? Get started on your Whole30 journey today!