Hey everyone! Kailley of Kailley Lindman Photography here! I’m a food writer-turned-photographer, and I’m here to dish on a few of my favorite shareable menu items at Tokio Asian Fusion in Schaumburg, which just so happens to be perfect for date night!

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Japanese Hot Rock Appetizer
Whether you’re out on a first date or a date with your longtime love, this interactive dish is a great way to get the conversation started. Sear slices of raw filet mignon or ahi tuna on the stone, season with salt, and enjoy by itself or with a dipping sauce.
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Filet Mignon Hot Rock
Photo credit: Christina Slaton

Lemon-Lime Rainbow Roll
While all of the maki options are delicious and easy to split, this aptly named stunner is perhaps the most unique, thanks to tuna, salmon, yellowtail, avocado, and mango mayo on the outside, and crab and cucumber nestled inside.

Maki roll at Tokio Pub
Photo credit: Kailley Lindman

Sesame Chicken Tacos
Few dishes on Tokio Asian Fusion’s menu better exemplify the restaurant’s signature Latin American-meets-Japanese fusion than these tacos, which team pulled chicken and tobanjan, scallions, pickled slaw, and spicy sesame sauce. Warning: Tacos come 3 or 5 to an order, so you can anticipate fighting your main squeeze for the extra one!

tacos from tokio pub
Photo credit: Kailley Lindman

Tuna Crispy Rice
Served as a two-piece appetizer, this bite-size snack featuring spicy tuna mix and panko fried rice is a no-brainer to share.

Crispy Rice at Tokio Pub
Photo credit: Kailley Lindman

Ramen Burger
Forget about dainty date night eats; this juicy, umami-forward number requires heavy napkin usage, but I promise it’s worth the mess! Fried ramen slabs contain a thick, pub-style patty, soy “molassas,” mizuna, and green onion, and will leave you wondering why you didn’t ditch the classic bun ages ago.

Ramen Burger
Photo credit: Kailley Lindman

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A shout-out to guest blogger Kailley Lindman for not only writing this blog AND taking these crave-worthy photos, but also being a Tokio Asian Fusion regular!