New menu alert! Resident rum expert, Kevin Beary, and his team over at The Bamboo Room at Three Dots and a Dash just added more than half-dozen drinks to the menu at the award-winning bar. Incorporating fun, interactive elements and innovative techniques, here are three of our favorites that you’ve got to try.

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Saturn - New cocktail at The Bamboo Romm

SaturnPlymouth Gin, Fresh Passion Fruit, Lemon, Orgeat, Yellow Chartreuse

Falling under the menu’s “Tiki Classics” category that pays homage to legendary drinks and the bartenders that created them, the Saturn is one of the few gin-based original tiki cocktails. This version is served with a halved passion fruit that’s been topped with yellow chartreuse. Guests are encouraged to sip as much of the chartreuse as they’d like, then pour the rest of it – along with the seeds and juice from the passion fruit – into the drink.


Apple Cocktail from the new menu at The Bamboo Room

Apple CocktailCyril Zang Eau De Vie De Cidre, Avuâ Amburana Cachaça, Kev’s 5u Falernum, Lemon, Nichols Farm Apple Snow

This Apple Cocktail comes in two parts. First is the sidecar over ice that holds the drink itself – a blend of eau de vie de cider made from over 30 varietals of apples, Brazilian cachaça and housemade falernum. Next, guests pour this over the coupe glass filled with shaved ice. This isn’t just any shaved ice – it’s made with a clarified apple cordial made, frozen and shaved in-house using apples from local Nichols Farm & Orchard.


Stirred Jet Pilot from The Bamboo Room's new menu

Stirred Jet PilotAppleton 12-Year Jamaican Rum, Chairman’s Reserve St. Lucia Rum, Clarified Grapefruit, Mekong Cinnamon, Clove, Ginger, Absinthe, Expressed Citrus

This cocktail is one that Kevin and the team are most proud, as it took over 6 months of research and development to perfect. Made as a ‘stirred’ cocktail rather than shaken (hence the name), they’ve replaced the fruit juice most commonly found in classic Jet Pilot cocktails with a clarified grapefruit cordial that’s been run through a centrifuge machine. The drink also incorporates three different rums, each infused with a different spice: clove, ginger and cinnamon.

Try out these new cocktails at The Bamboo Room, open every Thursday – Sunday! Click here to view the menu at The Bamboo Room.

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