If you didn’t post it on Instagram, did you ever really eat it? We’re counting down to the new decade with the 10 most shared dishes and drinks from Lettuce Entertain You restaurants in 2019. Spoiler alert, if you aren’t hungry now – we promise, you will be once you’re done scrolling through these posts!

cornettos at pizzeria portofino brunch with an iphone

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10. The Torta Meringata from RPM Italian D.C. (@rpmitalian)
This over-the-top dessert is literally on fire, and only a chocolate drizzle can put it out. Treat your followers to this premium video content during your visit to RPM Italian in Washington D.C.

RPM Steak Baked Alaska


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9. Porróns from Bar Ramone (@bar.ramone)
Name a follower that doesn’t love a fun, porrón pour video at Bar Ramone. We’ll wait.

Bar Ranone Porron Instagram post

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Never had a porrón? Our wine experts will show you how to drink from one!


8. Ramen pulls in front of the Send Noods sign at Ramen-San Whisky Bar in Fulton Market (@ramensanchi)
A hard-hitting combo: Noodle pulls and witty neon signs. Only at Ramen-San Whisky Bar.

ramen san neon sign that says send noods with a bowl of ramen noodles

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7. Beef Short Rib En Croute from Mon Ami Gabi  (@monamigabi)
This decadent French delicacy is almost too pretty to eat. So snap a photo for the memories before indulging in this special dish. The Beef Short Rib En Croute is only available as the plat du jour on Wednesdays so plan your dinner accordingly. 

mon ami gabi Beef Short Rib En Croute

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6. Wonton Soup from Big Bowl (@bigbowlbuzz)
#BTS of a cozy night in: take-out from Big Bowl.

wonton soup from Big Bowl

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5. Cacio E Pepe from Osteria Via Stato (@osteriaviastato)
The most simple social media sensation: Cacio E Pepe. Bonus points: Snap a photo of a pasta twirl during your next visit.

cacio e pepe from osteria via stato

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4. King Crab Combos from Quality Crab & Oyster Bah (@qualitycrabandoysterbah)
2019 introduced the magical King Crab Combinations; and now you can eat your king crab and your choice of fried chicken, ribs or a crab cake, too!

Chi city foodie instagram post of the king crab combination meals at Quality crab and oy ster bah

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See all the ways you can mix-and-match your King Crab at Quality Crab & Oyster Bah.


3. The Missionary’s Downfall at The Bamboo Room at Three Dots and a Dash (@threedotsandadash)
Truthfully, every cocktail at The Bamboo Room is Instagram-worthy, especially when it’s served out of a pineapple.

Missionary Downfall cocktail from the Bamboo room

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2. Jerusalem Bagel from Aba (@abarestaurant)
Your phone eats first when your bagel looks like this. Right?

Jerusalem Bagel from Aba

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1. Japanese Breakfast Pancakes from Sushi-San (@therealsushisan)
Trending Topic: Japanese Pancakes. This fluffy dessert has been popping up all over the ‘gram, but we like to think of ourselves as the #trendsetter.

Sushi SAn Breakfast Pancakes

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As we close out 2019, we look forward to another year of memorable meals, delicious drinks, and perfect Instagram shots. Thank you for dining and ‘gramming with us this year.

Happy Holidays from our Lettuce family to yours! 

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