One of our favorite summer salads is at Pizzeria Portofino and combines crisp watermelon, tangy red onion, juicy cherry tomatoes, feta and herbs. Add this recipe to your at-home cooking list for lunch or a side dish at your next BBQ.

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Pizzeria Portofino Watermelon salad

To download the recipe for Pizzeria Portofino’s Watermelon Salad, click here.

1 cup watermelon
10 rings sliced pearl red onions
¾ cup yellow cherry tomatoes, halved
1 oz. crumbled feta
3 torn basil leaves
3 torn mint leaves
1 lime for juice and zest
pinch of chili flakes
pinch of Maldon sea salt
1 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil


  1. Dice watermelon into ½” – 1 ½” cubes
  2. Divide and arrange the watermelon evenly on two plates
  3. On the same plate, arrange the yellow cherry tomatoes, red onion slices, and crumbled feta in a circular pattern
  4. Top with the basil and mint leaves
  5. Top with a squeeze of lime
  6. Season with Maldon sea salt; finish with a sprinkling of chili flakes, lime zest and a drizzle of olive oil
  7. Chef recommends serving with fresh semolina bread


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