Did you know that every Wednesday evening at Nacional 27 , you have the opportunity to learn how to Salsa dance? Every Wednesday night, grab dinner, perhaps a few drinks to loosen up a bit and then hit the dance floor for an authentic Salsa experience. Nosh on Latin specialties like fresh ceviches, Slow-braised Cubano Pork Shoulder and Mole Negro Bone-in Rib Eye or check out Nacional’s full menu of signature Latin steaks. 

Ceviche from National 27
Ceviche from National 27


Mole Negro Bone in Ribeye

If you’ve never danced the Salsa before, don’t be scared! We welcome all levels of dancers but just in case, our in-house Salsa instructor shares 5 tips to get you started.

1. Wear the right shoes.
Wear a shoe that allows for movement and is comfortable! Your shoes should be lightweight, flexible and secure. For woman, wear a small heel (2.5”or lower) to ensure better balance with your partner. Men can choose anything from a dance sneaker to a classic shoe. Most suede bottom dance shoes are good for a wooden dance floor, like the one at Nacional 27. 

2. Hold your posture.
Practicing perfect posture is the key to becoming a great Salsa dancer. By improving your posture, your dancing will become more balanced and fluid.  Your body, back and overall fitness will become stronger and you’ll look better on the dance floor too!

Dancers do the salsa


3. Feel the rhythm.
With Salsa dancing, timing is everything.  Make it a priority to listen to and learn the rhythm and beat of the music you are dancing to. When you are dancing in class don’t be afraid to count out loud to the songs – it really does help!

Dancers doing the salsa

4. Practice makes perfect.
Practice, practice, practice!  Dance with as many different partners as possible and if you are a beginner, tell your partner so they can explain the steps and help you learn along the way. Come to as many Salsa Wednesdays as you can because dancing with a variety of dancers plus the experience makes for a more fun environment, without any pressure.

5. Most importantly, have fun!
Nacional 27’s Wednesday night Salsa lessons are perfect for a ladies night, date night or happy hour.  Sip on house-made margaritas and mojitos, dine from the Havana Nights Menu and hit the dance floor. Let the more experienced dancers inspire you rather than intimidate you! Don’t forget that even the most advanced dancers were once beginners. Salsa dancing takes time so enjoy the journey! We can’t wait to see you on the dance floor ¡Arriba!

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Grilled Salmon from the Havana Club menu
Grilled Salmon from the Havana Club menu


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