It’s not St. Patrick’s Day without a perfectly poured Irish Coffee, so we’ve tapped a few of our experts from RPM Seafood, Shaw’s Crab House and Beatrix to give us their favorite recipes. Grab a mug, crack open the bottle and brew the java – it’s party time! Sláinte!



Beatrix's Irish Americano

Whip the cream to top this honeycomb-infused “Irish Americano” right in a cocktail shaker for a light and fluffy foam. Instead of traditional drip coffee, this calls for a shot of espresso for an extra caffeine punch to keep you going through a marathon of parades and parties.


Click here to download and print the recipe for Beatrix’s Whiskey in the Jar cocktail.

2 oz Dubliner Honey Irish Whiskey
1 oz Metric Binary Espresso
2 oz heavy cream
1 ½ oz hot water
Ground cinnamon

1. Preheat a 6 oz stemmed glass by filling with hot water.
2. Pull a single espresso shot.
3. Create a bain-marie out of two shaker tins by filling the large shaker about full with hot water, and then resting the smaller shaker inside.
4. Add Dubliner Honey Irish Whiskey, shot of espresso, and hot water to the small shaker and stir briefly to mix.
5. In a separate shaker, add 2 oz of heavy cream and hand-whip by shaking vigorously until it is fluffy, yet pourable.
6. Empty the hot water out of the stemmed glass.
7. Pour the contents of the bain-marie into the stemmed glass, then top with the hand-whipped cream. Pro tip: pour the whipped cream gently over the back of a spoon to layer evenly across the top.
8. Garnish with a dusting of ground cinnamon.


Shaw’s Crab House

Irish Coffee on the bar

A nice, locally-roasted coffee and homemade whipped cream with a touch of Bailey’s takes a simple Irish Coffee and makes it something memorable.


2 oz Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey
1 cup brewed coffee (we recommend Intelligentsia, like we use at Shaw’s)
3 oz heavy cream
1 oz Bailey’s Irish Cream

1. Pour the Tullamore Dew into a mug, top with brewed coffee, leaving about an inch for whipped cream.
2. For the whipped cream: whip heavy cream and Bailey’s together until nice and fluffy. Top the Irish Coffee with whipped cream.


RPM Seafood

Irish Coffee on a table

If you’re looking for something simple and straightforward, this is your recipe. With just three ingredients (coffee, whiskey and whipped cream), you can crank these out for everyone in your crew in no time.


1 oz Jameson Irish Whiskey
1 cup brewed coffee (we use La Colombe at RPM Seafood)
Whipped cream

Pour Jameson in a coffee mug and fill with coffee, leaving about an inch for whipped cream. Top with whipped cream and serve!