We wait all year for the most epic feast of all. Naturally, you want to share your perfectly prepared turkey, your favorite sides, and your grandma’s famous pumpkin pie.

PSA from the Lettuce Entertain You social team: Don’t subject your followers to sad stuffing pictures this Thanksgiving.

Our photographer, Christina Slaton, dishes on her top food-styling tips for an Instagrammable Thanksgiving shot.

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Joe's Thanksgiving Turkey

1. Clean your Camera Lens.

Your phone’s camera lens likely has turkey grease smudged across it. Be sure to wipe your camera lens with a cloth napkin to ensure you get the crispest photo possible.

Joe's Thanksgiving Pies

2. Turn on your Grid

The overhead camera angle is perfect for both food photography and Instagram. It’s a great storytelling angle, where you can showcase your perfect Thanksgiving plate, while also adding some styling by incorporating aspects of your mother’s beautiful Thanksgiving tablescape. Turning on the grid will help you compose the shot, and make sure it’s level.

Bub City Mac and Cheese

3. Find your Lighting

By this point, you are hungry and ready to feast. But if you want to get the perfect shot, take an extra minute to ensure you find the best lighting for your photo. While it’s tempting to use your flash, natural lighting will always look best. 

Joe's Thanksgiving

4. Add some Color

Turkey, stuffing, gravy and mashed potatoes are arguably some of the best parts of a Thanksgiving meal. But, when it comes to food photography, they make for a pretty boring looking plate. Spruce it up with some color! Don’t skip out on the cranberry sauce, and be sure to get a good serving of some greens! 

Bub City Thanksgiving

5. Have Fun!

Food photography is cool and all, but make sure to have fun with it and not to take yourself too seriously. It’s most important to enjoy quality time with your family and friends over an amazing meal. And if you happen to get the shot, then you have one more thing to be thankful for this year!

You’re well on your way to becoming a food photographer. Be sure to share your Thanksgiving shots with us by tagging @lettuceentertainyou.

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