The Catalonian tradition has officially come to Chicago! Bar Ramone, River North’s newest spot for a great glass of wine and Spanish-inspired small plates, introduces the best way of drinking wine: the porron.

hand holding up glass of wine

What exactly is a porron?

The popular Spanish wine vessel shaped like a watering can is a convivial way of imbibing wine with a group of friends. Poured straight from spout to mouth — no glass needed — the narrow opening creates a thin stream allowing the wine to aerate.

Traditionally used for Txakoli (a light, high-acid, mineral-driven sparkling white wine) and poured at a lengthy distance, it brightens it up making it more refreshing by drawing out the bubbles.

Bar Ramone Porron Pour

How to drink out of a porron

1. The first step is to commit to it. It will end in disaster if you don’t, trust us.

2. Bring the spout close to your open mouth without touching.

3. Begin to pour, creating a steady stream of wine.

4. Slowly but steadily move your arm away creating as much distance from spout to mouth.

5. Reverse this action to end your porron pour.

PRO TIP: start out with a white wine or wear black to spare your dry cleaning bill.

Now that you know how to porron head over to Bar Ramone, open daily starting at 4:00 PM. Tables are first come, first serve.

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