We all do it – fall into the same routine of ordering whatever Pinot Grigio or Cabernet is on the menu without a second look. While we likely won’t rid you of this habit, Sommelier Nate Redner of Aba, Ema, Bar Ramone, Beatrix, L Woods, and Antico Posto is here to expand your horizons and introduce you to a few new wines that may just become your new favorite sips.

Knowing what people like to drink is always a good place to start. Here are a couple suggestions for introducing friends and family to new wines:

Wine glasses at Beatrix

For that person who thinks they hate Chardonnay: Try Chablis
Though Chablis is 100% Chardonnay, it is on the opposite end of the spectrum from those California butter bombs that cause people to disassociate themselves from Chardonnay. Chablis is lean, has minerality and is an acidity driven style of Chardonnay that is a versatile food wine but is also great on its own.
Nate’s favorite producers: Patrick Piuze, Domaine Louis Michel, Domaine Vocoret
Where to try it: Aba
Order the the 2015 Francois Raveneau Butteaux is all about lemon zest, beeswax, chalky minerality and bright acidity. These wines are lovely alongside a variety of dishes specifically with the Charred Eggplant Spread, Hamachi Crudo or our grilled Spanish octopus. 

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For the Cabernet Sauvignon drinker: Try Rioja
Aside from being delicious there’s also a tremendous amount of value for wines that are already aged and are more mature (read: ready to drink now). Rioja has a full structure and is a great match for fall and winter foods. You can expect Rioja to deliver on that earthy, savory and dense character that any Cab drinker is looking for.
Nate’s favorite producers: López de Heredia, La Rioja Alta, Remelluri
Where to try it: Bar Ramone
Order the 2009 Remelluri Gran Reserva, which is Tempranillo dominant and backed up by Garnacha. Open it and decant it at the beginning of your meal while you enjoy a glass of Txakoli then enjoy the Rioja alongside Butifarra (Spanish sausage served over pequillo peppers) or the La Pryor Farms burger. Pro tip – add Cinco Jotas Jamón to the burger.

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For the Pinot Noir drinker: Try Nebbiolo
It’s easy to draw comparisons between Pinot Noir and Nebbiolo as they both possess enticing aromatics, finesse and terroir – they tend to taste specifically like the site they come from. Nebbiolo amps up characteristics of rose petal and plum with a bigger tannin structure than Pinot Noir.
Nate’s favorite producers of Barolo and Barbaresco that won’t break the bank: Oddero, Produttori di Barbaresco, Aldo Conterno.
Where to try it: Bar Ramone
An approachable favorite is the 2011 Vallana ‘Boca’. This wine shows high-toned red fruit, rose petal, lavender and a sanguine character. Pop and pour with no need to decant. This is the perfect wine to put with a mixed board of jamón and cheeses.

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Glasses of wine at Ema with food on the table

Maybe we just introduced you to your new favorite glass of wine, or maybe not. But next time you’re out for dinner and your server asks “And to drink?” You just might think about your order a little differently.

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