The beauty of a perfectly executed stir fry is that it’s always exactly what you’re craving because you’re in control. A customized bowl of stir-fry is a good, satisfying option if you’re hoping for a healthier meal, too. Take a trip to Big Bowl’s stir-fry bar, load up your bowl with fresh vegetables, and let the chefs do the rest. Here’s our pro tips on how to create the perfect stir-fry.

A beef stir fry on a table with chop sticks on the bowl, surrounded by other dishes from Big Bowl

First Comes First…

A hand holding out a bowl below a sign that says "Pick Up Bowl" in a Big Bowl

Choose your protein

Choose from endless options from full-on vegetables, tofu, sliced chicken, crunchy sesame chicken, prime flank steak, shrimp, fresh Atlantic salmon or sea scallops.


Choose your sauce

Get saucy with orange, teriyaki, Thai yellow curry, kung pao, shanghai ginger-garlic, Sichuan, Panang curry, Shanghai mushroom-ginger-garlic or spicy Thai green curry (both vegetarian and gluten-free sauces available).

Noodles being pulled up from a stir fry bowl at big bowl

chopsticks picking up a portion of cauliflower rice from a plate of stir-fry

Choose rice or noodles

Soak up all that yumminess with jasmine rice, brown rice, vegetable fried rice, cauliflower “rice”, Chinese noodles, pad thai noodles, or chow fun noodles.


Now, let’s begin!

A stir fry bar filled with vegetables

  1. Fill and customize your bowl
    Tip: Too few vegetables = stronger sauce; too many vegetables = weaker sauce
  2. Pick one (or two) featured vegetables that are slightly heartier
    Examples: broccoli, green beans, spinach, snow peas
    A hand holding out a bowl of vegetables over the stir fry bar at Big Bowl
  3. Choose 2-4 secondary veggies that will help bulk up your bowl
    Examples: bamboo shoots, snow peas or napa cabbage
  4. Add vegetables that season and add that punch of flavor
    Examples: chili peppers, onion, mushroom, cilantro

Vegetables being poured into a wok to be stir fried

Leave the rest to us

Hand your bowl off to the kitchen and anxiously await your custom stir-fry bowl creation to soon devour.

The stir fry being poured onto a dish with white rice

Tips from Executive Chef, Raul Gutierrez

Remember that leafy green vegetables cook down, so be sure to fill up with a good variety of both leafy green veggies and root vegetables for good balance and texture.

At the very end of the stir-fry bar, we offer four different peppers to spice up your bowl – habaneros, jalapenos, serranos and blackened chiles.  Beware… some of these peppers are hot!

When choosing your sauce, decide what you’re in the mood for. Is it sweet? Then orange or teriyaki it is! Something spicy? Choose Szechuan or Kung Pao.  Something more simple and classic – go with the Chinese ginger garlic. Craving curry? Opt for the Spicy Thai Green Curry or Panang curry sauce, which adds a savory and creamy element to your dish.

Looking to cut carbs or just love cauliflower as much as we do? Swap out your rice for steamed cauliflower “rice”.

We’ve given you our tips and tricks to the freshest and tastiest stir-fry bowls, but what are some of your favorite additions?

a handing holding out a round red bowl filled with vegetables

Plan your next trip to Big Bowl and let them “wok” your world. For reservations, please visit and select your location of interest. Can’t get enough? Follow Big Bowl on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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