an array of holiday cookies fro gingerbread and chocolate to thumbprints

‘Twas the first day of the holiday season, one of cheer and treats
The best month to warm up by the fire, and eat tons of sweets.
What’s the best goodie you ask? Why, a cookie, of course!
With sprinkles and frosting, we surely endorse.
There’s so many to choose! And how are they made?
Well good news for you, Lettuce pals can aid.
From snickerdoodles to peppermint meringue, gingerbread houses and more,
We’ve rounded up the best cookie list, and there’s something for all to adore. 

Click the images below to view recipes!

an array of holiday cookies fro gingerbread and chocolate to thumbprints

One: Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies – Shaw’s Crab House
From the family of Partner Steve LaHaie
For those looking for something to sink their teeth into…and their thumb.

Shaw's raspberry thumbprint cookies

Two: Peppermint Meringue Cookies – Foodlife and Beatrix
Executive Pastry Chef Yasmin Gutierrez
These fluffy, peppermint-y balls of bliss are ideal for the holiday table.

Beatrix's peppermint meringue

ThreeSnickerdoodles – Community Canteen
Executive Sous Chef Phil Frederick 
This cookie is a perfect canvas for decorating. Top with some brown and granulated sugar for a simplistic, delicious look.

Community Canteen snickerdoodles

Four: Cranberry Shortbread Cookie Bar – Summer House Santa Monica
Pastry Chef Erin Mooney
Two shortbread cookie bars with layers of cranberry jam on the inside? Yes, please!

Summer House's Cranberry shortbread cookie bars

Five: Almond Macaroons with Candied Orange – Osteria Via Stato
Executive Chef David DiGregorio
These golden, dainty almond macaroons topped with candied orange are simply stunning on a holiday dessert

Osteria via stato's almond macaroons with candied orange
Six: Chocolate Snickers Cookie – Wildfire
Executive Chef/Partner Joe Decker
Is there anything better than a Snickers? Only when it’s inside of a chocolate cookie!

chocolate snickers cookies from Wildfire

Seven: Almond Cookies – Big Bowl
Executive Chef Raul Gutierrez
These light, almond cookies are even better with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Big Bowl's almond cookies

Eight: Gingerbread Man Cookies – Foodlife
Executive Pastry Chef Yasmin Gutierrez
A holiday classic that are equal parts delicious and equal parts adorable.

gingerbread men from foodlife

Nine: Chocolate Chunk Gingersnap Cookies – Beatrix
Executive Pastry Chef Yasmin Gutierrez
With flavors of both ginger and dark chocolate, these large and in charge cookies are a holiday stand-out.

Beatrix's chocolate chunk gingersnap cookies

Ten: Tips for Making a Gingerbread House

Try your hand at making your own Gingerbread house at Foodlife’s Gingerbread House Workshop on December 17, 2017, for more information click here.

gingerbread house from foodlife

Bake your cookies one day before you assemble the gingerbread house so it doesn’t crumble during construction.
  • Make sure your icing is thick enough so that the candies and treats stick and hold well.
  • Ensure that all sides are evenly coated with frosting.
  • Use bright and fun colors in your frosting and candy choices to help bring holiday spirit.

Eleven: How to decorate the perfect holiday cookie like a pro. Look at these awesome Christmas Tree Cookies from Foodlife.

  • Wait for the cookies to cool before decorating so the frosting doesn’t melt.
  • Use different sizes when piping to make it more creative and beautiful.
  • Mix and match colors in a piping bag to create a unique tie-dye/ mixed color.

Cookies decorated like Christmas Trees

Twelve: Grab a Lettuce Entertain You gift card for the cookie lover in your life and let them choose from signature cookies and sweets at various restaurants like Summer House Santa Monica, Beatrix and many, many more.

chocolate chip cookies with gift cards surrounding them

We hope that you’re holiday dessert list just got a bit more exciting! Click on each cookie name for full recipes of how to concoct these sugary delights.

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Happy Holidays!