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  • Your Lettuce Entertain You Gift Card

    What does the Lettuce Gift Card look like?
    It is a green, plastic card with the value printed in the lower right-hand corner. There is a sixteen-digit number that can be found on the front or back of your card that you can use for checking your gift card balance.

    Lettuce Entertain You Gift Card


    Where can I use my Lettuce Gift Card?
    Lettuce Gift Cards can be used at all participating Lettuce restaurants.

    Although Maggiano’s Little Italy is no longer owned or operated by Lettuce Entertain You, they still accept the green, plastic Lettuce Gift Cards. Please Note: Maggiano’s Little Italy locations outside of Illinois do not accept Holiday Bonus certificates.

    Lettuce Gift Cards are not accepted at the following locations:
    • Wow Bao locations at 1 W. Division St., 46 E. Chicago Ave., and 200 N. Michigan Ave. in Chicago
    • Big Bowl Chinese Express and Tucci Italian locations in Minnesota
    • Airport locations


    How do I check the balance on my Lettuce Gift Card?
    Check the balance on your gift card in two easy ways:


    Can I reload my Lettuce Gift Card?
    You cannot add value to a gift card. Once the card has reached a zero balance you will have to purchase a new card.


    Why does my gift card have a hole punched in it?
    Our servers will punch a hole in your gift card if you have used a portion of the gift card. This is to help remind you that your card does not have a full balance and to check your balance so you are aware of the amount remaining on your gift card prior to your next dining experience.

  • Questions About Holiday Bonus

    What is the Holiday Bonus Promotion?
    From November 1st through December 30th, for every $100 in gift cards you purchase you will receive a $25 Holiday Bonus. The Holiday Bonus applies to both plastic and eGift Card orders. The eHoliday Bonus will be sent to the purchaser’s email address and follows the same provisions as the plastic Holiday Bonus. Please note that if your order is less than $100, the Holiday Bonus promotion does not apply.

    I have an expired Holiday Bonus Certificate, can I still use it?

    The Holiday Bonus is a promotional certificate that can only be used between January 2nd – April 15th every year. Cards from previous years will always be accepted during this Holiday Bonus redemption time frame, regardless of the year listed.

    What are the Holiday Bonus restrictions?

    • Valid January 2 through April 15 for one time use
    • Not valid on Saturdays after 3 pm
    • Not valid on Valentine’s Day or Easter
    • Not valid with any promotional certificates or other offers
    • Not valid towards Frequent Diner Rewards, certificates or points
    • Not valid at Maggiano’s Little Italy® locations outside Illinois
    • Not valid towards gratuity or redeemable for cash
    • Not valid towards private parties, events or delivery orders
    • Please protect the Holiday Bonus as it cannot be replaced if lost or stolen

    Why does the Holiday Bonus Certificate have restrictions?
    The Holiday Bonus is a complimentary certificate that is awarded for every $100 in Lettuce Gift Cards purchased November 1st through December 30th. Because it is a promotional certificate and not a cash gift card, it does have some provisions for use.

    Will I receive Frequent Diner points and a Holiday Bonus?
    No. Frequent Diners may choose either Frequent Diner points or the Holiday Bonus certificate. When ordering classic gift cards, you can choose to receive points or the Bonus. When ordering eGift Cards, the eHoliday Bonus is automatically awarded. Please call us at 888-884-4438 if you prefer points instead of the eHoliday Bonus.

    Can I use more than one Holiday Bonus at a time?
    Yes, you can use multiple Holiday Bonus certificates at one time. Holiday Bonus certificates can also be used in conjunction with Lettuce Entertain You Gift Cards.

    Can I get change back when I use the Holiday Bonus Certificate?
    The Holiday Bonus has no cash value and no change will be given.

  • Gift Card Terms & Conditions

    What are the provisions of the Lettuce Entertain You Gift Card?
    Please present this card for food, beverage, tax and gratuity at participating Lettuce Entertain You ® Enterprises, Inc. restaurants. Purchases will be deducted from the card until the value reaches zero. The card cannot be redeemed for cash, except where required by law, and cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. This card is not valid toward Frequent Diner points when used and is not accepted for payment of delivery orders. Lettuce Entertain You Gift Cards will be accepted for payments of private parties and catering events up to $1,000. Gift Cards cannot be used towards deposits but for final payment only. Lettuce Gift Cards are not valid the same day as purchased November 1- December 30. This card has no maintenance or non-usage fees and never expires. Protect this card like cash. Lettuce Entertain You is not responsible for gift cards sold on unauthorized sites or secondary markets. Lettuce Entertain You reserves the right to refuse to honor a gift card when there is reason to believe that the gift card was obtained fraudulently.


    Can you replace my Lettuce Gift Card if I lose it?
    Please protect your gift card like cash because they cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.


    Can one use more than one gift card at a time?
    Yes. You can use as many Lettuce Gift Cards as you like to pay for your meal. Lettuce Gift Cards are accepted like cash and therefore can be combined for use together.


    Can I use my Lettuce Gift Card for tax and gratuity?
    Yes. You can apply your Lettuce Gift Card to all items on your check including tax and gratuity.


    Do Lettuce Gift Cards expire?
    Lettuce Gift Cards never expire and there are no maintenance or non-usage fees. 


    If I don’t use the entire amount on my gift card, what happens?
    Any amount not used when paying for your meal stays on your gift card. You can use the remaining balance on your card at your next visit to any Lettuce Entertain You restaurant.


    Can I use my gift card to pay for private parties or catering events?
    Lettuce Entertain You Gift Cards will be accepted for payments of private parties and catering events up to $1,000. Gift Cards cannot be used towards deposits but for final payment only. For more information on private parties and events, click here


    Can I use my gift card the same day it is purchased?
    Yes! The only exception to this is Gift cards are not valid the same day they are purchased November 1 through December 30.


    Can I use my gift card for delivery orders?
    No. Lettuce Entertain You uses third party delivery services and therefore cannot accept Gift Cards as payment.


    Will I receive Frequent Diner Points when I purchase gift cards?
    Yes. Frequent Diner Points are issued when gift cards are purchased, but not when they are redeemed. Only the person purchasing the gift card is eligible for Frequent Diner Points.

    *Please allow up to 48 hours for points to post to your account.

  • Purchasing Your Gift Card

    Where can I purchase a gift card?

    *Excludes Eiffel Tower, Everest, M Burger, and Big Bowl Chinese Express.


    Can I purchase a Lettuce Gift Card at Maggiano’s Little Italy?
    Only the six Maggiano’s locations within Illinois (Chicago, Naperville, Oak Brook, Schaumburg, Skokie and Vernon Hills) sell Lettuce Gift Cards. Maggiano’s locations outside of Illinois do not sell Lettuce Gift Cards but do accept them.


    I am interested in purchasing gift cards in bulk quantities, can you help?
    For individuals and companies interested in purchasing large amounts of Lettuce Gift Cards, please click here.


    Can I include a message when I order a gift card?
    Yes. A gift message can be printed at no additional charge.


    I did not receive my e-confirmation, what now?
    If you did not receive a confirmation email, first check your junk/spam folder. Because they are generated automatically, these emails are sometimes filtered by strong spam filters or servers. If you did not receive it, please contact the Gift Card Team at 888-884-4438.

  • Shipping Your Gift Card

    How are the gift cards packaged?
    Each Lettuce Gift Card comes in our gift card envelope. Your order is placed in a tamper-proof padded package to ensure a safe delivery.


    How will I receive my gift card order?
    We ship all of our gift cards via UPS. You will receive an email with your UPS tracking number once your order has been shipped.


    Where can I ship my gift card?
    We ship to any street address in the 50 states. We do not ship internationally. Please be sure to include all information such as a suite number, business name or any other relevant information that will help UPS deliver your package promptly.

    Please Note: We will not deliver to a PO Box.


    What UPS shipping options are available to me?
    Below are the UPS options we offer. Orders placed before 12pm will be sent out the same day.

    Within Illinois
    UPS Ground $6.95 (2 – 5 business days)
    UPS 2nd Day Air $12.95
    UPS Next Day Air Saver $18.95

    Outside of Illinois
    UPS Ground $7.95 (2 – 5 business days)
    UPS 2nd Day Air $14.95
    UPS Next Day Air Saver $29.95

    Please Note: We do not add a handling fee to the UPS shipping charge. The shipping charge is simply what it costs to ship your package.


    When will my gift card arrive?
    If you selected to ship your gift card with UPS Ground, the package will be guaranteed for delivery within 5 business days. Orders being sent Ground within the Chicagoland area usually deliver the next business day.
    UPS will make a total of three different delivery attempts to the address that you provided before returning the package back to Lettuce Entertain You. If UPS returns the package to our office, we will notify you and request a different address for delivery.

    Please Note: UPS will not make delivery attempts on Sundays or Federal holidays.


    I didn’t receive my order. What happens now?
    Call our Gift Card Team at 888-884-4438. We will help track your package and make sure you receive it as soon as possible. Though packages typically do arrive quickly, they can take up to 5 business days to be received. Please allow for longer delivery times during the holiday season.


  • Questions About eGift Cards
  • Questions About Paper Certificates

    I have a Wildfire certificate; can I exchange it for a Shaw’s Crab House certificate?
    Certificates specific to certain restaurants can only be used at the restaurant listed on your certificate. Because these are complimentary certificates, they cannot be exchanged.


    I have an expired certificate, can I still use it?
    Yes, in fact we enjoy seeing our old Lettuce gift certificates, it is a fun journey back in time for us! We recently accepted a $25 gift certificate that expired in 1981!

    On the right side or back of your paper gift certificate, there is a two letter code followed by a number. Using this information, please read below to determine what type of paper certificate you have.

    CP/AP = Complimentary Certificates These certificates will only be honored by the restaurant printed on the front. If your certificate has an expiration date printed on it, it would be at the discretion of the individual restaurant to accept it.

    ZZ = Holiday Bonus certificates These do expire, however we are happy to extend your Holiday Bonus for the same period next year. The Holiday Bonus are valid from January 2 through mid April every year. Please visit the ‘Contact Us‘ portion of the website, select Gift Cards from the drop down menu and let us know how many Holiday Bonus extension stickers you need and be sure to include your name and full address.

    LL, FF, VV, OO or JJ = Cash Certificates These certificates are considered cash and will be honored by all of the Lettuce Entertain You Restaurants without restrictions. These certificates are the precursor to our plastic gift cards, therefore have no expiration. It is important to remember that, because the certificates are accepted like cash, they cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.


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