Now through October 31, receive 15% off your Lettuce Gift Card order of $1,000 or more and get FREE shipping!
We know you have more than a few people to thank this year.
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Please Note: Discount is automatically awarded on all orders over $1,000. If you would prefer Frequent Diner points, please call 773-924-4438 to place your order.

Discounts may be awarded in additional Gift Cards or in a dollar amount off of your total purchase.
Lettuce Entertain You Gift Cards are accepted for final payments of private parties and catering events up to $1,000.
(Note: Gift Cards can’t be used for deposits.)
Orders that receive a discount are not eligible to receive Frequent Diner Points or Holiday Bonus.
Discounted pricing is only available by contacting us at the Lettuce corporate office, not available at our restaurants or online.

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