About the event

Ramen-san Whisky Bar’s Winter Hot Pot Series highlights a different method of hot pot cooking each month. Rotating offerings will visit the unique styles of Japanese Shabu-shabu, Korean Bulgogi, Spicy Szechuan and Lau Thai “Tom Yum”. They kicked things off last month with Shabu-shabu; now it’s time to head to Korea to dig into their hot pot riff on Bulgogi. Bulgogi is made up of thin, marinated slices of meat and traditionally grilled on a barbecue. Their interpretation will showcase the same style of proteins and sauces but cooked in a homemade dashi broth. In the spirit of Bulgogi, banchan will be served, a collection of side dishes served with Korean cuisine.

The Korean Bulgogi Hot Pot includes a Seasoned Dashi Broth, sliced marinated Beef Sirloin, Vegetable Medley (Red Garnet Yam, Rice Cakes, Perilla Leaf and more), Banchan (Pickled Daikon, Cucumber Kimchi, Korean Corn Cheese and more) plus traditional and spicy Bulgogi sauces and Seasoned Sesame Oil for dipping. Add-ons like Spicy Octopus and Beef Short Rib Galbi are available. Be sure to grab any tools of the trade, also available at checkout. The Korean Bulgogi Hot Pot serves two and is $65, plus tax (gratuity not included). It is available for pickup only on Thursday, January 21 and Friday, January 22 from 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM. Orders must be placed 48 hours in advance.

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