About the event

Looking for a slam dunk during the 2020 college basketball tournament? On Sunday, March 15 – Monday, April 6, bring your brackets and appetites to Stripburger for food and drink specials! Try our Mini Burgers for $3.50 or order a Three Pointer for $8. Our fully loaded Alley-Oop Nachos are available for $6 and are the perfect halftime recharge. Stay hydrated with 16 oz cans of select beers for $5 each. If you order a mix-and-match bucket of 6 for $20, you’ll earn three chances at the free throw line for free shots of Jack Daniels! (All prices do not include tax or gratuity.)

Don’t forget to wear your home team’s jersey to score a FREE milkshake! Game day specials are not valid for carryout orders or with any other offers or promotions. To view all menu items at Stripburger, click here. Please drink responsibly.

College Basketball Tournament Specials
Mini Burgers: 1 for $3.50 or a “3-pointer” for $8
Mini Cheese: 1 for $3.75 or a “3 pointer” for $8.75
Free Throw Fries: $3.50, with cheese $3.75
Alley-Oop Nachos: $6, Behind-the-Back Wings: $7
Two-Handed Slam Dunk Jumbo Chicken Tenders: $7
16 oz beer cans (Blue Moon, Coors Light, Coors Banquet) $5 each
Mix-and-Match Beer Bucket (6): $20