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On Sunday, March 17 – Monday, April 8 during the 2019 college basketball tournament bring your brackets and appetites to Stripburger! Take a shot with our Mini Burgers for $2.50, or order a three pointer for $7. Our fully loaded Alley-Oop Nachos are available for $5. Don’t forget to wear your home team’s jersey to score a FREE milkshake! Stay hydrated with 16oz cans of select beers for $4 each, and if you order a mix-and-match bucket of 6 for $20, you’ll earn three chances at the free throw line for free shots of Jack Daniels! To view all menu items at Stripburger, click here.

*All prices exclude tax or gratuity. Not valid for carryout orders or with any other offers or promotions.

College Basketball Tournament Specials (available during every tournament game)
Mini Burgers: 1 for $2.50 or a “3-pointer” for $7
Mini Cheese: 1 for $2.75 or a “3 pointer” for $7.75
Free Throw Fries: $2.50, with cheese $2.75
Ooh Nachos: $5
Behind-the-Back Wings: $6
Two-Handed Slam Dunk Jumbo Chicken Tenders: $16
16oz beer (Blue Moon, Coors Light, Coors Banquet) $4 each
Mix-and-Match Beer Bucket (6): $20

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