Seasonal Ingredients & Inventive Techniques
from Beverage Director Kevin Beary

CHICAGO, IL – November 2, 2017 – Three Dots and a Dash’s new fall / winter menu launches today, featuring modern and revitalized versions of classic tiki cocktails from Beverage Director Kevin Beary. The seasonal menu highlights winter spices and rich flavors, and it incorporates Midwest ingredients like Heritage Prairie Farms honey and Nichols Farms apples. The staff’s expertise shines through the nearly a dozen cocktails on the new list, with innovative techniques like the Justino method of clarifying fruit juices to create an unclouded cocktail.

Not exclusively for summertime sipping, Beary believes that tiki is perfectly suited for winter because of the spices used (think: allspice, cinnamon and clove) and large amount of citrus available in the later months.

New Menu Standouts:

  • Idle Hands: One of the most intricately made cocktails on the menu, this daiquiri features clarified banana rum made in-house, cane sugar and lime. Unlike most of Three Dots’ cocktails served in intricate tiki mugs, it is served in a simple double old fashioned glass.

  • Strip and Go Naked: This will be the first on Three Dots and a Dash’s menu to feature beer as an ingredient. It combines Kona Hanalei (a passionfruit IPA) with gin, lime, tangerine and passion fruit for a refreshing tiki drink.

  • Basic Batida: a very fall cocktail whose name plays into the pumpkin washed overproof rum that serves as the base of this cocktail. Mixed alongside coffee-infused armagnac, a touch of dulce de leche, Brazilian cachaca and madeira to finish it off.

In 2014, Three Dots and a Dash was named “Best New American Cocktail Bar” by Tales of the Cocktail and one of the “World’s 50 Best Bars” by Drinks International magazine. Most recently in 2016, Open Table designated Three Dots and a Dash one of the “100 Best Restaurants in America” and was chosen by Food Network for “Best Tiki Bars in America.”

Three Dots and a Dash is located in Chicago’s River North neighborhood at 435 N. Clark and can be contacted at (312) 610-4220. For more information on Three Dots and a Dash, visit and follow on Twitter at @ThreeDotsCHI and Instagram at @threedotsandadash.