The team behind the award-winning Three Dots and a Dash from Lettuce Entertain You is opening The Bamboo Room, a 22-seat bar room that will feature guest bartenders, rum classes and cocktails crafted with our most high-end, rare rums.  Led by beverage director Kevin Beary, The Bamboo Room is tucked inside Three Dots and a Dash and opens Thursday, February 14.

“The Bamboo Room is an ode to rum and rhum agricoles that utilizes the cocktail techniques working behind the scenes at Three Dots and a Dash. The menu is more refined and focused with a collection of carefully selected rum and tiki cocktails that you might not find at a traditional tiki bar,” said Kevin Beary, beverage director of The Bamboo Room and Three Dots and a Dash.

The Bamboo Room will also be a space that hosts nationally recognized guest bartenders, pop-up events from bars around the country, interactive rum tastings and limited-edition mug release parties. The team of knowledgeable bartenders will also offer interactive and personalized experiences for private parties like group cocktail classes and more.

To make a reservation or book an interactive experience at The Bamboo Room, visit us on Tock.

A signature of The Bamboo Room’s menu will be the daiquiri program. Guests choose from four house rum blends curated by Beary including Martinique rhum agricole blanc; aged Cuban-style rums; Beary’s Ideal blend of Jamaican, French and Cuban rums; or the Disco which is a blend made with overproof white rum, funky rhum agricole blanc and cask-strength cachaça. The Daiquiri is then poured tableside over a coupe filled with hand shaved Japanese block ice made from pineapple juice or guests can order it shaken and served up.

The Bamboo Room’s cocktails utilize the most rare, high-end rums the team can find. From simple, well-balanced stirred rum cocktails like the clarified Banana Ti’ Punch or Dry Rum with freeze-dried sherry and dehydrated bitters, to interpretations of classic tiki drinks served in vintage mugs sourced from tiki institutions like Trader Vic’s, Beary uses modern technique across multiple cocktail styles. An innovative highlight of the menu are the progressive cocktails, like the Chancer in the Aloha Shirt, made with coconut-fat washed malt whiskey; the Tall Drink in a Short Glass, an updated version of the classic Jamaican drink, Rum and Ting, made with homemade Ting, Jamaican rum, mezcal and a tincture of jerk spices force-carbonated to order, and much more.

The Bamboo Room is located within Three Dots and a Dash at 435 N. Clark St. The bar is open Thursday – Friday from 4 PM –12 AM and Saturday – Sunday from 2 PM – 12 AM. Reservations are encouraged and can be booked through Tock. For more information, visit or call 312-610-4220. Follow us on Instagram at @threedotsandadash or @ThreeDotsCHI on Twitter.