With autumn in full swing and Thanksgiving fast approaching, sweet potatoes are in peak season. Chefs love the tawny-tinted tubers because they work well in both savory and sweet preparations. Here are 11 stellar sweet potato dishes showcasing the highly versatile root vegetable.

Sweet Potato Cake at Bub City, Chicago, Illinois
Think of this as autumn’s answer to carrot cake. Forged out of roasted sweet potatoes accented with cinnamon and vanilla, the triple layer treat is held together with bourbon brown sugar cream cheese frosting. Wavy sweet potato chips top it off to add color and crunch. Make a reservation at Bub City.

Sweet Potato Dishes

Sweet Potato Casserole at Wildfire, Chicago, Illinois
The team is offering this Southern staple exclusively on their Thanksgiving menu. A casserole of mashed sweet potatoes topped with baby marshmallows is baked in the oven till the top turns gooey and golden. Though it’s a side dish for the dinner, it tastes decidedly like dessert. Make a reservation at Wildfire.

sweet potato dishes