Find the perfect backdrop in Las Vegas for updating your profile image.

What better way to remember a trip to Las Vegas than to take a selfie with a perfect backdrop? And Las Vegas has so many memorable backgrounds. Here, top concierges from across the city share some of their top suggestions.

“Get a table at Hexx or Chateau and have the Fountains at Bellagio in the background. Anything at Paris with the fountains behind you is fabulous. When you’re in the Eiffel Tower Restaurant 13 stories above the Strip, there’s no obstruction to the view of the fountains. The Park between New York-New York and Park MGM in the fall when the weather is nice has a nice ambiance to it, especially when you have kids. You can walk around out there and not feel restricted. Get “Bliss Dance,” the 40-foot-tall sculpture of a dancing woman, in the background for a very Vegas moment.” —Marcey Esses, convention services specialist at Morris Visitor Publications