Your hair looks fantastic (according to you), and you have roughly 24-48 hours to take advantage of that fact. Here’s where to go.

You just got a fantastic haircut, if you do say so yourself, and you know that no matter how many instructions and products you’re given to help “recreate it at home,” tomorrow it will probably look like you did it in the dark wearing giant Mickey Mouse gloves. So you want to go someplace where people other than you, your iPhone camera, and your roommate’s ferret will be able to appreciate it. You need a spot that’s fun and a little (or a lot) sceney – and you want to eat something good, too. Try any of these 14 places.


From the guy wearing an earpiece at the elevator, to the twinkly-light-and-plant-filled space, to the dressed-up people, there’s no mistaking that Aba is a scene. There are also two busy, large bars, and a huge rooftop patio (complete with seasonal glass domes that will make sure to protect your hair from the elements). Most things on the Mediterranean menu are meant to be shared, so you can come here with friends and split six types of hummus, plus five varieties of kebabs. When you’re done, use the skewers as hairpins.