River North is full of hotels, tourists, and expensive, sceney restaurants. But this neighborhood also has a number of spots where you can have a very good, affordable lunch (we’ve defined “lunch” here as an entree with a side or a drink). Whether you want pizza, burgers, or something kind-of-healthy, this guide has a good option under $15 – so you can save up some extra money for a hotel suite, or a dinner someplace where your table doubles as a subwoofer.

Rotisserie Ema

Ema is a small plates Mediterranean restaurant in the Hyatt Hotel, and Rotisserie Ema is the small self-serve spot that’s attached to it. They share a kitchen, so you’ll find similar food on the menu at both places. There are a variety of spreads, salads, and rotisserie-style meats available, and you purchase everything by weight, then either take your food to-go or eat it in Ema’s dining room. So practice weighing stuff at home, then come here for lunch.



Sushi-san is more expensive than the other places on this guide, but it’s definitely worth knowing about – the food is fantastic. As part of their express lunch deal (which you can get from 11am-3pm during the week), you get miso soup, your choice of a “san-specialty” (like a tuna trio or maki), and a rice bowl (with options like Vietnamese pork or miso salmon), all for $16.