What’s better than a perfectly prepared steak? One that also comes from a source that makes informed and sustainable choices about their beef every step of the way—and a growing number of restaurants are now offering just that. While some operators seek an organic certification, many look past that stamp of approval in favor of knowing the farming practices of those who raise their animals. Below, some of the Windy City’s top haunts to experience organic and grass-fed steak.

RPM Steak
Modern beef fixture RPM Steak serves a plethora of proteins, with two steak preps calling for more naturally-raised meat. The 14-ounce 25-day dry-aged New York strip ($MP) comes from hormone-free Batavian cattle that are fed grass, grain, alfalfa, and wheat straw; meanwhile the 20-ounce bone-in ribeye ($59) is entirely grass-fed and finished, sourced from Rain Crow Ranch in Missouri.