Fancy fungi are back in action this fall and chefs are currently making it rain marbled Alba white truffle shavings on everything from ice cream to sushi. For fans of the decadent table side add on, this is turning out be a great year price-wise. The truffle harvest was helped out by a whole lot of rain that’s caused prices to plummet about 30 percent below last years market value.

While that might mean a lower cost at a local truffle importer, diners should still be prepared to drop a hefty amount at restaurants where perceived luxury often wins the day on spendy truffle-themed menus. Restaurants deal with pricing in different ways. Thomas Keller’s restaurant The French Laundry, for example, has kept truffle supplement prices steady at $175 over the past two years, though its unclear whether the amount of truffle shavings provided has changed. Other establishments like Eataly’s temporary Il Tartufo pop-up in Chicago offer a choice between purchasing a whole truffle or ordering several ounces of truffle shavings. Depending on how many people are dining, The Chicago Tribune points out that going the whole truffle route could be easier on the pocket book.

Seeking out a spot to taste the elite seasonal special? Below, find a sampling of locations in cities across the country serving up the fragrant white truffle for a limited time.

Washington D.C.

RPM Italian: Add truffles to anything from risotto to gnocchi through December. It’s $65 for five grams.